Fashion Week, Milan




Spring/Summer 2019 will introduce a new format – Furla is presenting Women and Men’s collections together, for the first time. And the House founded in 1927 in Bologna by Aldo Furlanetto is also introducing its brand new monogram – linear, simple, elegant. In the style of the Italian House. The initial of the company name, of the founder’s surname: a stylized “F”, two graphemes that dovetail into a monogram. Like a heraldic coat of arms. A shield. Like the heraldic coats of arms of the most ancient Italian families. And like the ancient shields of the Italian cities.


For the first time, Furla presents Donna and Uomo collections during the same event. A quintessence of linearity, and of genderless style: simplicity reigns, elegance reigns. Bags meticulously crafted according to Italian artisan techniques; simplicity, as Le Corbusier said, reveals the excellence of manufacture. At Furla, design always proceeds by subtraction, by eliminating the obvious and adding the significant. Simplicity as the highest expression of refinement. Bags of absolute practicality for women; almost derived from workwear for the men. Bags as heraldic shields, and as shields to protect women – and men – through the days of their lives, work, travel, leisure time.  



A collection that articulates itself as a journey. A trip to Italy: sentimental journey, of the imagination of the Mediterranean. The ancient Maritime Republics; the cities on the sea; the ports; the places of exclusive tourism and wild beauty; Nature that slowly reveals her secrets. A trip to Italy among the flowers, the hand-made baskets, the carpets, the paintings, the roses of the winds and the deep navy blue color of the naval academies and sailing schools. A journey through the true Italian heritage: that of culture, of the uniqueness of the territory. A story told with lightness, with simplicity. A cultural journey even before it’s a journey into the artisanal tradition, where history comes even before manufacturing. The wealth of craftsmanship as belonging: the Italian DNA of the ancient Latin expression “genius loci”, an ancient echo of the protective spirits of the places beloved by Roman women and men. A modern interaction between place and identity.


The Furla Mediterranean bag available in different style is characterized by a special technique of craftsmanship all of its own, closely linked to an Italian tradition. Jacquard ribbons, ribbons made on ancient looms, straw processing, hand-crocheting, hand-woven interlacing on the skin, the wind rose with the most sophisticated laser perforations, the use of wicker like the baskets made by hand, the bags with thermo-tapes, the transparent blue pvc that recalls the depth of the sea, sailing materials, the chrome of the boats, the inlays of the wooden paddles. Liguria, Tuscany, Sardinia, and so on: a sentimental journey through 7500 kilometers of Italian coastline.


A holiday in Italy. Playful. Carefree. Sunny.

A holiday in Italy through an immersive, audiovisual, material experience. The presentation Furla Woman / Man for Spring / Summer 2019 chose the deconsecrated church of San Carpoforo in the Brera neighborhood to tell a different story, an imaginary journey made of projections and sounds but also of the light right in the square of San Carpoforo, with the tiny restaurant that will be “branded” Furla, as will the ice cream cart, the food truck, even the flowers. The collection tells the story of a journey, a holiday in stages throughout the peninsula: San Carpoforo, before becoming a Catholic church (deconsecrated in the nineteenth century and sold to the city of Milan which in turn has entrusted it to the Academy of Brera) was a Roman temple: a temple of the Vestal Virgins, the priestesses involved in the care of the Sacred Fire that was never to be extinguished (Vesta, daughter of Saturn and Opi, sister of Jupiter, was the goddess of the domestic hearth).

The Furla Spring / Summer 2019 collection tells, with lightness, with happines, with elegance and Italian flair the infinite variety of Italian towns. Of their craftsmanship. Of their traditions.

A collection that becomes a journey. A journey that in San Carpoforo will reveal its stages between sounds, video projections, perfumes: Italy, according to Furla.


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