How cool is it to carry your mantra around? Meet the MANTRA BAG by FURLA

Milan, October 11

Furla’s history is the principal source of inspiration for Mantra, a sophisticated, timeless handbag – and much more. Mantra is also a limited-edition capsule collection, to be sold only in a select number of Furla’s top international flagships, and a special project focused on sustainability in manufacturing.

The bag is made using vegetable tanning, an ancient, traditional manufacturing treatment that relies on plant-based such as chestnut wood tannin. When treated this way, leather ages without losing its beauty or durability, and thanks to a special coloring process, it also takes on warm, natural variations in tone over time and with use. Mantra is available in cream, black or a two-toned variation. It comes in Medium and Mini sizes as a handbag and Large as a tote.

Mantra is a bag that goes beyond seasons and trends, representing instead the brand’s most longstanding, fundamental values. Furla’s history and heritage are visible on the bag, which is inscribed with the words “Italy 1927,” a reference to the Country and the year the company was founded. “The Mantra Capsule Collection embodies the true essence of Furla’s commitment to create outstanding products merging together sense of beauty, time-honored craftsmanship and innovative design. Top-quality vegetable-tanned leather, natural colours together with a timeless aesthetics define our Mantra” Said Fulra’s President Giovanna Furlanetto




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