JULY 2018 – by Claudia Vannini

Two Eclipses move the astral. Uranus, Mars and Pluto participate in these phenomena. This moment indicates change, transmutation and an excess of force. When this trio moves, it increases the energy of conflict. It is common to live under the shadow of a war.

There are more accidents with cars and defects in electronics. Know this, drive with caution! Update the antivirus on your smartphone and computer. Make backups. Avoid elective surgeries. In the days of the Eclipse maintain a gentle diet and preserve the physical body.

These eclipses lead to a change of leadership. New CEO, new political leader. It’s the dance of the Planets! Here on Earth, we manage the opportunities we have. It is the right time to create a new life for the next 6 months. Do you think Eclipses are unpleasant? Without them, we would do little.

Look at these moments as a fresh start. Knowing which sectors will be most affected, develop precautionary measures so as not to enter into emotional dramas. Use reason to be able to emanate through the heart.

Be happy on Earth!

Partial SOLAR eclipse – JULY 13th

Partial LUNAR eclipse – JULY 27th

WANING MOON in Aries – July 6th

NEW MOON in Cancer – July 12th

WAXING MOON in Libra – July 19th

FULL MOON in Aquarius – July 27th


Your Home feels the effects of both Eclipses. Be ready for repairs and emergency adjustments. Move with the Universe. Avoid anticipating situations and only resolve issues as they occur. You feel strong to solve everything and take care of everyone. Take it slow!

Look closely at your friendships. Surround yourself with lively people, committed to Life and responsible. Eliminate toxic people and over soliciting friendships. The month of July opens a cycle of 6 months. Throughout this period, reevaluate your posture and image. Rephrase what does not fit and eliminate what is not. Your personal power increases in this Semester.

* LOVE: stable

* HEALTH: stable


Your Home goes through changes in July. Loved ones reveal themes that were hidden. Dealing with family harmony is the challenge of the next 6 months. To overcome this moment, try to be more flexible with the individuality of others.

Remember that even though you are from the same family, each one has their own goals on Earth. Avoid dictatorial posture with your children! Work changes. Bosses can change office or company. You must adapt to those who become the “authority” in the professional environment. One more challenge: taking orders from a stranger or from someone not so capable. Move with the Universe and do not resist!

* LOVE: extremely sensitive

* HEALTH: stable


The year is beneficial to your finances, but July calls for another budget adjustment. It’s the right month to analyze all your spending and check where waste occurs. Eclipses call attention to finances during the whole Semester. There is no shortage, but disorganization is evident. Change it!

New opportunity in a job that suits your profile. Open yourself to the proposals. Protect electronic equipment and double your traffic attention. Cars may be defective. There is contact with other cultures and desire to know other places. Wait for the Eclipses to finish before embarking on a journey.

* LOVE: stable

* HEALTH: extremely sensitive. Stay tuned!


This month’s Eclipses mark your journey on Earth! You feel more courage, strength and boldness. There is a new professional world to be discovered in the next 6 months. Your work may continue the same, but the field of action will be greater. Finance is going through a good time. It’s time to organize your financial future.

There is luck in negotiations and speculation. You are the most benefited sign when it comes to making money. Learn to use this advantage wisely. Remember to include people in your projects. You go through personal re-evaluation and can adopt a new style, change the look and project yourself as you want to be seen.

* LOVE: stable

* HEALTH: unstable


Your faith goes through a trying time with the Eclipses. Reaffirming beliefs or pursuing a new Philosophy of Life is in the Semester’s proposal. There is good knowledge waiting for you in other cultures. Learn to search through trips or courses to Wisdom that is crucial to balance the coming months.

You have many insights and should keep the reason in focus. Avoid susceptibility and getting lost in mists. Another issue that calls for renewal is a business contract, a partnership or an affective union. The tests are strong and show which links are true. Accept the rupture of that which has no solidity to accompany your journey. Look out for family!

* LOVE: extremely sensitive

* HEALTH: stable


Eclipses shake up your social group. Friends will be a great surprise. The good ones will stay. The toxic relationships that drain your vital energy will be evident. It is up to you to know how to adjust the vibrational range in which you want to act. Pay attention to all the media.

Emails, messages and scraps must be confirmed. Computers and smartphones can simply turn off. Have a copy of everything and keep your antivirus updated. Another busy sector in July is professional life. There is opportunity for a new job at the end of the month. Be open to the renewal that the Eclipses represent.

* LOVE: stable

* HEALTH: stable


You are greatly benefited by Eclipses. Professional life goes through positive changes. There is opportunity for a new position or entry into another company. Financial life corresponds to the good moment. With more money, you move with joy. You are happy and fulfilled.

Your relationships go through changes. Friends that aren’t so true reveal themselves. Not-so-committed loves also emerge. It is the right time to eliminate toxins from relationships. In love, try to revise concepts and rigid positions. In friendships, be harder. False friends are a delay to your Evolution. Eliminate them from your life! Open a new cycle, surrounded by people you trust.

* LOVE: extremely sensitive

* HEALTH: stable


Good changes in your professional life. It’s time to grow in the work, be recognized and improve finances. A contact with other cultures or study of another language is planned for the next 6 months. Broaden your horizons. Plan a trip and see something new. Much can be absorbed when you are in another city. Do this mental exercise.

Leave the old acquaintance a little and test new experiences. Study new subjects! Watch your family closely. They go through major changes and you can change addresses in the next 6 months. Be ready to fix defects and leaks in your current home.

* LOVE: stable

* HEALTH: extremely sensitive


Something dies in July. It can be a project, an idea or a characteristic of your personality. Your personal power is questioned by the Eclipses. Abandoning what does not work is the big challenge. Your finances go through a better time, so abandonment is emotional.

Learn to close the cycles and create space for the new. Faith is also tested. July brings themes that challenge your connection to the Universe. Feed your beliefs and seek answers in Philosophy. This process is painful, but it forces Evolution. You have several insights about Life. Dreams and intuitions are sharpened. Keep the balance between reason and emotion to live in reality.

* LOVE: stable

* HEALTH: stable


Eclipses move partnerships and relationships. Be prepared to modify a business contract or an affective union. Those who do not collaborate with your Evolution on Earth will be cut off by the Eclipse. Do not resist! Be flexible and walk along with the Universe.

Everything changes, everything passes. Another highlight is financial life. It’s time to analyze how you invest your money. Time to think about the future and start saving seriously. A challenging month in the family and home. You go through changes. The people in your house go through instabilities and you are the anchor of this story. Save money for a new electronic and look at it as an investment.

* LOVE: extremely weakened

* HEALTH: stable


July is a challenge for you. Eclipses move all the Signs, but you feel it more strongly. Professional life goes through changes. It can be positive or negative. You can be promoted or disconnected from work. A new opportunity can come and upset your routine.

A distant job, a different work schedule or colleagues you’ve never worked with are on the monthly menu. Adapting to the new is the request for the next 6 months. Stay dynamic in your proposals and control aggressiveness. The desire to want to do everything can put you at risk. Drive carefully and, if you can, do not drive.

* LOVE: Unstable

* HEALTH: extremely sensitive. Stay tuned!


Reformulation on the job. The Eclipse of the 13th shakes the company where you work and there is a lot a movement. It may be good for you as there are no changes in your financial life. Bosses can be replaced and there is a commotion at work. Learn to adapt to the news and move forward with competence.

Changes are necessary for the wheel of fortune to continue to spin. Your past is also remembered. Your memories are active and it is a great opportunity to search for memories that contain learning. Lesson learned doesn’t need to be repeated. Learn from your journey and the mistakes of others.

* LOVE: stable

* HEALTH: stable

Claudia Vannini


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