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NT.08 – Reimagine the journey. NOBI TALAI FW 2019-20

NT.08 – Reimagine the journey.

“It’s my inspiration – and my biography: the bridge between two worlds, with traditional Persian influences on one hand, and the modern European element on the other. And so the nomad’s journey goes on, but this season, it feels like she’s arrived in the big city.
She’s dressed to suit her surroundings, wearing modern tailoring in masculine club checks, the silhouettes going maxi or mini, streamlined or oversized, many customized with signature Nobi Talai details like slit sleeves, sash ties, plastrons or detachable pleated aprons.
Yet the nomadic woman has also not forgotten where she came from. The decorative character of historically rich items like Persian saddle bags and kilim rugs have now been incorporated into the clothes themselves as prints or woven patterns. Other hints of the east also drift into the west, and vice versa, for a free and borderless style mix.” 

                                                                                                       Nobieh Talai

Taking multiple style paths, N.T. 08 arrives at an exciting new junction for Fall/Winter 2019/20 where modern tailoring, cozy nonchalance, advanced geometrics and no- madic echoes smoothly converge.

A sharp sartorial edge picks up the pace this season, with tailored proportions veering maxi or mini, oversized or slimly linear in masculine club checks and city wools in the label’s own harvest-toned palette. Designer Nobieh Talaei takes a flexible and even personal approach to today’s urban tailoring, with signature Nobi Talai details like slit sleeves, detachable pleated aprons, plastrons, sash ties and zip-off hems allowing the wearer to customize her look.

The pieces themselves purposefully cross boundaries. Blazers get tucked into trousers or morph into outerwear, trench coats are sized up to giga-dimensions, overalls walk the line between utilitarian and refined. Assorted genres are meant to be combined, an expanded knitwear range adding to the variety as do fluid silk tops and dresses to offset the mannish checks which also appear  slickly coated, combined with razor sharp leather or exploded in Steiff plush
and mohair jacquard.

The look is polished but comfortable, constructed but never stiff. And perfect for the fashion nomad’s ongoing journey, which finds her arrived in the big city and dressed for the surroundings. However, like Persian-born Talaei, she has not forgotten where she came from and NT. 08 sees the worlds of Occident and Orient, heritage and modernity, more interwoven than ever. Whereas last season featured traditional saddle and salt bags as decorative accessories, such elements are now part of the clothes themselves. A prime example: the new signature Nobi Talai hoody with a kilim-inspired panel incorporated into the front.

Further heirloom patterns have been scanned as prints for big flannel scarves or woven in jacquard stripes for poncho-like winter wraps, while the urban-based pop geometrics of contemporary artist Sarah Morris provide the inspiration for this season’s house prints. Also look for silk georgette, silk crêpe de chine and drapey crêpe satins, alongside beautiful wool suiting.



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