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RAMI KADI SS19 à l’Hotel Four Seasons George V

Éternité Éphémère


Rami Kadi’s newest collection formed a mixture of chaos and courage on one phase, and magic and allurement on the other. Rami Kadi’s new spring 2019 collection was inspired by the spirituality of “Burning Man” Festival, which was held in Nevada Desert, as this festival, annually attracting thousands of people to the American desert, is one of a kind, for it enables its visitors to explore different expressionism phases.

Once again, the Lebanese American designer Rami Kadi brings up contradictions throughout his collection, as he presents a unique, liberate, indulgent, and lively view altogether to the world.

“The clothes we wear are considered a mindset, and a way to deeply express and reveal the one’s personality, out of the designs they’re wearing. One can free their exceptional, innate, and provocative side, and experience new expressing manners. Each and every one of us can be an artist, by only knowing how to act and be brave enough to express oneself in their own way. Nothing beats overcoming the demise, and pouring it into artistic masterpieces that flow all over the body and embrace the soul.”

In light of the said, the fashion designer Rami Kadi says it has been a unique and a quiet dangerous experience, but he was capable of overcoming it successfully: he was able to grab time, capture the moment that cannot be seized, and reconcile the opposites. Coupled with that, he practiced sewing for the sake of capturing unreachable things like ray of light, reflection of colors, or even the carelessness ofyouth.

In his Spring Summer 2019 collection, Rami Kadi brought together the variable, unique, expensive and lively factors, so that it would look more than stunning. Yet, there is no doubt that all this work needs many professional forces in this sector (more than 50 highly experienced female tailors, who excelled in knitting these factors, and bringing them to life in Beirutitself).

This collection includes laser-cut glass, and shiny crystal grains to adda dazzling andglittery quality. In fact, transparency and lightness boldly and shamelesslycomplement one another.

The designs are characterized by vitality and shiny bright materials!

“We are all fashion designers, each in their own way”, then how if the collection’s name was, Freedom?

Atelier Bruna Abreu produced a series of headpieces, designed mainly for Rami Kadi Couture House fashion show,“The Galactic Warrior from Silver Fleet”. These bright accessories merge art and modern techniques. However, the hats are pieces attached to the sky to receive and welcome thelight.

Two styles of rainbow-colored Stiletto heels were produced as a result of the collaboration between Poise Design and Rami Kadi (#PoiseXRamiKad) both made of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), as well as other Block heels.

Hair: Cristian Pignatta chez ELSL management, utilise les produits L’Oréal ProfessionnelMakeup: Max Factor/ #RamiKadiXMaxFactor

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