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Your Skin Called: André Malbert Answered

SKIN ADDICTION: Call it unhealthy, but like many women ‘in the know’ I am currently addicted to facial treatments supplied by the world-famous esthetician André Malbert. The French are known for their effortless natural beauty, quality skincare, top estheticians, and unparalleled cosmetic surgeons. Beauty is a fundamental part of their culture and everyday lives. It is celebrated and recognized in each of its forms, so it would seem elemental for such a demography to put a heavy emphasis on developing methods aimed at procuring  and prolonging beauty. That being said, when it comes to estheticians, André Malbert is la-crème-de-la-crème of the industry, armed with a passion to aid women in their quest for eternal youth and beauty. His extensive training began at the top beauty institute of Paris, where he studied under his predecessor, the long-reigning former ‘Skincare Guru’.  André’s talent did not go unacknowledged, and he quickly became a prodigy, honing his craft for years with the guidance of his mentor, the aforementioned Guru. André’s talents were also quickly recognized by the beauty centric society of the rich and famous, the catalyzing a high demand for his services around the world by a series of princesses, Queens, and empresses (which included a 10 year period with the beauty Icon and fashion muse ‘Grace Kelly’ of Monaco). André currently resides at Studio Estetico 11 in Milan. The studio operates in collaboration with BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE, a French biological skincare line with over 30 years of experience developing the most powerful and effective skincare products in the beauty industry. Biologique Recherche has a clinical approach to skincare, and uses only pure, concentrated, raw, and 50% or more active ingredients. It is truly a unique and rare luxury skincare line without the frills. A cult skincare of famed French women, and international celebrities, containing the secrets of Ambassade de la Beaute on Champs Elysees 32.

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Author: Marie McLaren


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