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It’s the new designers we got an eye on. And we just spotted this amazing collectionn by NIHILO, presented for the first time during Paris Couture Week.

“In the world there is not one thing that can’t be something else, or its opposite, or nothing.”
– the simple man

NIHILO is proud to present their first Couture collection.
The collection is a galaxy non-homogenous.
Not one. theme.

Not one. Variation of each other.
Not one. Colour pattern. one. Nothing.

Each of the 19 looks is its own universe,
with its own references and stories stitched in the seams.
The differences and similarities are not to clash, but like beings roam together in uniqueness and universality.

From the necklines to the silhouettes, all is specifically thought-through for the sake of pure and radical nuance.
These shapes are not created for concept, but for beauty.
Circular patterns make pieces of no beginning, middle or end.
Linear lines lead the only necessary boundaries and cuts.

A subjective perfection is achieved through the high- est quality fabrics, hand-selected based on a no-choice policy
– eradicate the noise, .nothing. but the best will emerge –

Subtle curves embrace the female physique. Rigid corners transform the human psyche.
Balinese spirits appear in a true dedication to ceremony and elegance as Australian roots burst through around the edges.

Together they birth the wild classics,
brought to the world in a rogue ballet-like performance.

NIHILO invites you to join an extended vision of reality. nothing = real

Nihilo_HCAW1819_Runway_Looks_061_5040 Nihilo_HCAW1819_Runway_Looks_059_5030 Nihilo_HCAW1819_Runway_Looks_058_5027 Nihilo_HCAW1819_Runway_Looks_057_5013 Nihilo_HCAW1819_Runway_Looks_056_5010 Nihilo_HCAW1819_Runway_Looks_054_5001 Nihilo_HCAW1819_Runway_Looks_051_4991 Nihilo_HCAW1819_Runway_Looks_050_4978 Nihilo_HCAW1819_Runway_Looks_048_4963 Nihilo_HCAW1819_Runway_Looks_046_4956 Nihilo_HCAW1819_Runway_Looks_044_4940 Nihilo_HCAW1819_Runway_Looks_040_4908 Nihilo_HCAW1819_Runway_Looks_039_4893 Nihilo_HCAW1819_Runway_Looks_034_4865 Nihilo_HCAW1819_Runway_Looks_033_4862 Nihilo_HCAW1819_Runway_Looks_030_4854 Nihilo_HCAW1819_Runway_Looks_029_4853 Nihilo_HCAW1819_Runway_Looks_028_4847 Nihilo_HCAW1819_Runway_Looks_026_4837 Nihilo_HCAW1819_Runway_Looks_024_4834 Nihilo_HCAW1819_Runway_Looks_022_4813 Nihilo_HCAW1819_Runway_Looks_020_4797 Nihilo_HCAW1819_Runway_Looks_019_4795 Nihilo_HCAW1819_Runway_Looks_017_4779 Nihilo_HCAW1819_Runway_Looks_014_4759 Nihilo_HCAW1819_Runway_Looks_013_4750 Nihilo_HCAW1819_Runway_Looks_012_4749 Nihilo_HCAW1819_Runway_Looks_011_4745 Nihilo_HCAW1819_Runway_Looks_009_4730 Nihilo_HCAW1819_Runway_Looks_007_4724 Nihilo_HCAW1819_Runway_Looks_004_4706 Nihilo_HCAW1819_Runway_Looks_003_4700 Nihilo_HCAW1819_Runway_Looks_001_4694

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