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When in Nashville…Treat Yourself to CREMA Coffee


You will not be disappointed.

Prior to my trip, I did a tad bit of research about coffee shops in Nashville.  Something about CREMA had just stood out.  It is a local shop that really strives to serve the best while also honoring fair trade (this means actually paying a fair price to farmers for their goods).  They even roast coffee in house!  Read more about them and check out their blog at (trust me, it’s worth it). Coffeewhatweadore

 The ambiance of this coffee shop is a creative one matching its farm house/handmade decor.  The baristas and staff are extremely knowledgeable and friendly (even when you are as indecisive as I am and hold up the line).


The coffee soda is light, crisp, a bit fruity, with a kick of caffeine.  The Cuban was very rich and creamy.  It had a hint sweet, which made it almost desert-like.  The Japanese-method iced coffee was fresh, burst of flavors and also aromatic. The double espresso was very smooth, yet still bold.  All of these are perfect choices for that afternoon pick-me-up!

When you come here please do yourself a favor (or flavor) and order a baked good to go along with your coffee.  We tried the blueberry muffin, a chocolate chip cookie (you can never go wrong with classics), and a raspberry banana muffin.  Both muffins were filled with deliciously ripe fruit, and baked to perfection.  They were soft on the inside with a nice crunch up top.  The cookie? Are the words “life changing” too dramatic? It was delicious, buttery, crunchy but chewy, with a hint of salt.


We also came home with some dark chocolate with peanut butter from Tanzania (made by Askinosie Chocolate).

It’s Nashville, but you definitely won’t find a “Hippies Use Side Door” sign here.  CREMA is a safe-haven for the hipsters and a great place to get some work or reading done.

By Michelle Knapczyk


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