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A kaleidoscope of shades from dawn to dusk, which reflects the rich complexity of our emotions. This is the new point of view chosen by Anna Dello Russo and Giampaolo Sgura for the story of the Coccinelle SS24 campaign: this time the creative couple, at their fifth collaboration with the brand, choose the expressive immediacy of colour to enter the lives of six REAL PEOPLE and to lead us to the centre of an authentic and fluid mosaic of cultures, ages, identities, and aspirations.
The effect is that of an intense prism of solarised nuances, and suggests a story shaped on intimate yet universal tones. The Coccinelle individualist hashtag #MyOwnStory thus resonates on the faces of Gloria, Ying, Karin, Mattia, Franchesca and Violetta.

Their direct, pure and unfiltered gazes become the focal point in the engaging shots signed by Giampaolo Sgura with refined styling by Anna Dello Russo. They are emphasised by an instinctive gesture the act of keeping the three selected Coccinelle bags close to the body, akin to a gratifying self-reflection. Among the three standout pieces of the SS24 collection are the cutting-edge Snuggie body bag, super light and genderless, inspired by the iconic plectrum; the Dew shoulder bag, available in straw or leather; and the essential Magie with rounded, soft volumes.
In a rhythm of minimalist but decisive pastels, the fashion jewellery and shoes complete the Coccinelle attitude – a brilliant sequence of soft green, aurora blue, brick red and sunset peach, with an unexpected flash of absolute black.

“For the second episode of the #MyOwnStory mood, we continued to tell life, emotions and reality through the stories of real and beautiful people. Just people, women and men, a tribute to the simplicity and uniqueness of every human being,” say Anna Dello Russo and Giampaolo Sgura.

The resonance of this message is reaffirmed by the videos and shots for Coccinelle’s web and social media communication, which, in contrast return to the aesthetic power of black and white, so much loved by the two art directors. The neo-realist cinematographic style, the dimly lit apartment with its bookcase, sofa, soft lighting, crumpled sheets – and, above all, the genuine voices of Gloria, Ying, Karin, Mattia, Franchesca and Violetta immediately plunge us into the private and cosy dimension of #MyOwnStory.

“Sometimes I think about my fragility and I like it. I want to show it to the world.” says Violetta, for example. “Every now and then it’s nice to please myself in a little bit of madness and I do it often.” replies Franchesca. “Elegance can be achieved by selecting simplicity. It’s your spirit that truly matters.”, says Karin. A resonance of dreams and needs, shared without screens or pretence, reverberates in English, Italian, Spanish, Chinese. And we recognise and find ourselves, in the secret and protective space of a bag, which contains, embraces, and safeguards our daily inner world.


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