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Métaphores | The Diane Armchair – Emblematic Piece In The “Les Bains” 2024 Collection

A celebration of the art of bathing.
A tribute to the brilliance of the sun’s colours.

This year, Métaphores is composing a new stylistic score of inspiring textures and materials, one that fuses graphic rhythms with the fluidity of water, the warmth of the sun with the freshness of the waves.
A harmonious dialogue between nature and architecture, the new “Les Bains” collection immerses us in a palette of boldly creative designs. Narrative fragments of a fantasised seaside setting, the spirit of each fabric evokes a moment of refined relaxation, inspired by Art Deco pools, the French Riviera and the thermal baths of the past. Evoking memories of these precious sanctuaries of water, the designs draw their form from the very essence of the sea and coastlines, capturing the patina of shores eroded by time, the glistening reflections on the water, the plant richness of seaweed.

The uniqueness of the collection lies in its subtlety, a colour palette that is at times dazzling, at other times mysterious. Icy tones embrace metallic shades to create captivating visual contrasts. The weavings carry echoes of sharp-lit Mediterranean panoramas, each fabric featuring meticulous details whose alchemy of textures revives memories of an eternal summer.
A woven expression of a world where responsibility rhymes with desirability, the “Les Bains” collection combines Métaphores’ commitment to the environment with the promise of timeless elegance. The entire collection reaffirms our commitment to designing sustainable textiles, sourced through short supply chains. An ethical dream, supported by all our expertise.


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