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Watch: FURLA MEN – A/W 17/18 Collection

Furla FW 2017-2018

Contemporary imagination

Page after page, image after image: characters, stories and fantastic journeys spring to life in a richly imaginative and adventurous tale. This is a collage of illustrations and designs, like a travel diary or a sketchbook – something filled with inspiration and fantasy, populated with fantastic animals and archetypal adventurer-heroes.

The FW 17 Furla Men’s collection draws inspiration from various sources, which run the gamut from sporty to preppy. Whether culled from urban landscapes or the great exploratory voyages of centuries past, this medley of references never lingers too long in any single period, preferring simply to take note and borrow here and there, jumping freely from one thing to the next, from one style to another – like a stream of consciousness, an outpouring of experiences and emotions.


Aviators, explorers and bikers are the characters who embody the spirit of the Leisure line and its hallmark bag: the Furla Ulisse Backpack. With clean lines and raw-edged leather handles, the Ulisse resembles the functional equipment of major expeditions into unchartered territories, with creative flourishes in the form of animal prints from Furla’s fantastic jungle.

The line stands out for its special bands, which combine design and functionality, allowing customers to personalize their bags by inserting a detachable pouch printed with their animals of choice or any one of a variety of other designs and colors.

The collection’s business vibe is urban and dynamic, yet also ironic. It’s best represented by the Furla Atlante Briefcase: Sturdy and geometric, the case features a trademark detail in its metallic clasp, which resembles that of the Metropolis, Furla’s iconic bag, but snaps open the way classic men’s suitcases do. The Atlante melds practicality with fantasy: It’s available not only in the classic monochrome version, but also with the collection’s all-over animal print. The Furla Marte Briefcase serves up the same balance between formality and creativity, providing a pleasing contrast between its quietly elegant lines in a single color and its bright, removable tablet case, which can be mixed and matched with the collection’s other pouches in assorted prints and colors.


Just as a varied characters wind their way through history to reveal the many souls and styles of the Furla Man, so the FW 17 collection offers a new take on two Furla classics. First, there’s the Furla Giove line, which stands out for its preppy polish – a nod to a certain brand of collegiate Americana. Then, there’s the Furla Icaro line, which has been revitalized with splashes of acid-bright colors associated with skater culture and urban parkour sessions.

Sunglasses, too, are a part of Furla’s sketchbook. Whether the lenses are drop-shaped – as they are in the aviator model – or more square – like those favored by the explorers of yesteryear – the glasses all have slim metallic frames and ultra-flat lenses in the warmest shades of gray, bronze and military green. In their special editions, the sunglasses stand out for an unusual graphic pattern: a stretch of woven bamboo that just can be glimpsed on the front of the mirrored lenses in a subtle game of reflection.

Page after page, image after image, the sketchbook takes shape. It’s a collage composed of many pieces of inspiration, little bits of freedom and snapshots of fantasy, in continuous movement. This is the movement that propels Furla’s vision of modern masculinity forward. It’s a lively approach to the world: at times sporty, at times formal, at times ironic, the Furla Man darts among images and influences, dynamic even in the midst of chaos and contradiction.


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