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The idea of a perfect capsule wardrobe is the starting point for Autumn Winter 2018, a collection filled with significant Filippa K styles and a sense of simple sophistication. Every piece is considered with great care, and developed with close attention to cut and detail.

A theme of contrasting elements runs through both silhouettes and fabrics, bringing together comfort and attitude.

A cashmere wool coat drapes softly over a sharply tailored suit; a sheer organza blouse with delicate ruffles teams up with slouchy wool trousers; a chunky wool turtleneck is carelessly tucked into a full evening skirt; and the slender slip dress is anchored by high leather boots.

The palette is kept clean and classic with a combination of black, navy, tones of beige, oyster and crisp white.

The seasonal shades dove blue, spruce and emerald provide sophisticated blue-green tonal combinations, reminiscent of the Nordic forests.

A carefully selected range of accessories, like the croc embossed leather bags, white ankle boots and preppy tasseled loafers, makes the wardrobe complete.

It’s a consistently simple look that’s easy to wear and to combine – depending on preference and personal style – and made to last for seasons to come.

FilippaK_AW18_1039 FilippaK_AW18_1037 FilippaK_AW18_1036 FilippaK_AW18_1035 FilippaK_AW18_1034 FilippaK_AW18_1033 FilippaK_AW18_1032 FilippaK_AW18_1031 FilippaK_AW18_1030 FilippaK_AW18_1029 FilippaK_AW18_1028 FilippaK_AW18_1027 FilippaK_AW18_1026 FilippaK_AW18_1025 FilippaK_AW18_1022 FilippaK_AW18_1021 FilippaK_AW18_1020 FilippaK_AW18_1019 FilippaK_AW18_1018 FilippaK_AW18_1017 FilippaK_AW18_1015 FilippaK_AW18_1014 FilippaK_AW18_1013 FilippaK_AW18_1012 FilippaK_AW18_1011 FilippaK_AW18_1010 FilippaK_AW18_1009 FilippaK_AW18_1008 FilippaK_AW18_1007 FilippaK_AW18_1006 FilippaK_AW18_1005 FilippaK_AW18_1004 FilippaK_AW18_1003 FilippaK_AW18_1002 FilippaK_AW18_1001



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