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As every time we are in Marrakech, we can’t avoid visiting La Sultana, trying out new spa treatments and then having lunch on the terrace in the spring sunshine. La Sultana is one of our favorite places in Marrakech for many years now and every time we are back, the beauty of the place hits you again and again. It’s an oasis in the centre of the city where you just forget the time. Created in 2000, La Sultana consists of the hotels La Sultana Marrakesh, founded in 2004, La Sultana Oualidia built in 2007, and the Sultana Yacht created in 2015, currently under independent management.

The hotels perpetuate the legend of a Morocco open to beauty. Embracing contemporary hospitality paired with expert craftsmanship, La Sultana’s philosophy perpetuates the values of a finely balanced approach at the service of luxury. A focus on pleasure and excellence inspired the designers of these unique hotels, inviting guests to enjoy a refined, but informal, experience. Trust, the art of hospitality, and personalized culture contribute to their emotional experience.

We visited the beautiful Spa of La Sultana once again during our stay because visiting Marrakech without visiting La Sultana is like not visiting Marrakech 100%. This time (please read our previous articles about our crazy experiences at La Sultana) we tried the Royal Hammam Signature by La Sultana and the La Sultana body massage. Short details ->


Hammam Royal Signature

Traditional Hammam with a purifying scrub using black soap and a Kessa glove, followed by your choice of body wrap:
– Purifying : Ghassoul mask
– Moisturising : Argan mask
– Gentle soothing of feet, Body stretching & cleaning with shower gel, shampoo & haircare

La Sultana Massage

Relaxing massage with your choice of ylang ylang, verbena, or orange blossom pure essential argan oil or just pure argan oil.

After these two treatments body and mind felt purified to a max and super energized, it also helped that a pain in the back disappeared. All muscles were so relaxed that this has a positive effect on the whole body and its nervous system. Feeling blessed and thankful for this experience and we highly recommend this magic place with its magic treatments!!

It has become a must and a kind of tradition for us: After the spa comes the healthy lunch on the terrace with the detox salad and the most delicious detox juice, or the yummy signature burger from La Sultana. But we suggest the healthy salad and juice right after the spa, it’s just such a feeling. After our stay we took a walk in the Medina and kicked of the day incredibly strong with La Sultana Marrakech.

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In a superb location in the heart of Imperial Marrakech, a UNESCO Ocial World Heritage site, La Sultana Marrakech occupies an ancient building, recently modernized, incorporating ten centuries of history from the Almohad, Saadian and Alaouite dynasties. In 2001, the Sultana hotel group undertook to return the building to its former glory, well aware of its mythical status. Proud to bear witness to an important period of Moroccan history, and conscious of the project’s significance, both culturally and within the identity of the surrounding neighbourhood, La Sultana has done everything possible to respect, integrate and glorify the remains of its historic past.

The restoration was carried out to exacting standards using traditional methods, by expert craftsmen following centuries-old practice, in partnership with the Ministry of Culture. From the moment you enter the passage way that leads to the first riad, the subtle brickwork brings to life the vaulted ceiling of what was once the granary which provided for the royal family, the imams, and the bodyguards of the Caliph. From the terrace suspended above La Sultana’s rooftops, there is a glimpse of the massive city walls, dating from the 12th century, and an impressive view down into the 16th-century Saadian Tombs. Dating from an era of unparalleled magnificence, which lasted from 1524 to 1659, the Tombs are to this day the most prestigious, the most typical and the best preserved monuments of Moorish architecture in the whole of North Africa.


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