Fashion Week, Milan


Swarovski continues its celebration of shimmering embellishment on the runways of Milan Fashion Week, with #CrystalOnTheCatwalk Autumn-Winter 2020

Italian fashion house Missoni showcased its Autumn/Winter 2020 collection at Milan Fashion Week, with incredible sparkle in the form of 56,000 Swarovski crystals as part of Swarovski’s #CrystalOnTheCatwalk designer support initiative.

In this season’s collection, designer Angela Missoni made use of thousands of crystals in vivid shades including Capri Blue and Cobalt Shimmer. The Swarovski crystals added brilliant embellishment to one look – a striking print trouser featuring Swarovski Shimmer effect stones.

Designer Tiziano Guardini brought his AW20 collection to Milan Fashion Week, with a dose of runway shimmer provided by 127,000 Swarovski crystals as part of Swarovski’s #CrystalOnTheCatwalk designer support initiative. These included 42,000 upcycled crystals, in line with the designer’s focus on sustainable fashion.

In his latest collection, designer Tiziano Guardini used Swarovski crystal to embellish a series of headdresses representing spirit animals and created using 3D printing. The AW20 collection takes nature as its starting point and incorporates biodegradable materials as well as upcycled crystals in shades of rose, blue and emerald. This is the second time Swarovski has collaborated with Tiziano Guardini, whose creative approach to sustainability helped earn him the Green Carpet Challenge Fashion Award in 2017. “Working with Swarovski is a real honor for me, a source of inspiration that really stimulates my creativity. Thanks to Swarovski’s Conscious Luxury commitment, my creations in this collection are sustainable, ethical and unique at the same time.” – Tiziano Guardini

Antonio Marras showcased his Autumn/Winter 2020 collection at Circolo Marras during Milan Fashion Week, with sparkle provided by 156,000 Swarovski crystals as part of Swarovski’s #CrystalOnTheCatwalk designer support initiative.

Designer Antonio Marras made inspired use of Swarovski crystal throughout his AW20 collection. Key looks included a parka jacket and a denim jacket, which were embellished with a rococo floral motif in Jet, Bronze, Chrome and Opal crystals. Elsewhere, Swarovski crystals also appeared across clothes and accessories in delicate floral patterns, adding dazzling light and sparkle throughout the collection. “Light, reflection, gleam, incandescence. What’s better than having the opportunity to make a look shine? Swarovski is the only way possible to do so.” – Antonio Marras



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