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Next Stop TOKYO: The Shangri-la Hotel

You can read in every travel guide that one of the best spots in Japan for enjoying the sunset and the sunrise is Mount Fuji.

But forget your travel books and choose to stay at Shangri-La instead. You will fall in love, and not just with the city – but with the hotel, too.

Morning view

The morning view

We recommend that you climb the hotel stairs to see the stars and the nobility of the Shangri-La Hotel in Tokyo.

Ok. Take a deep breath and discover a place that you for sure don’t want to leave.

The walls of the Hotel will cut you off the noise of the streets of Tokyo. The Zen atmosphere and intimacy are to the Shangri-La Hotel what the crowds and the madness are to Tokyo.

So if you want to relax in a vacation-like ambiance during your stay, you are at the right place. The staff, dedicated and professional, will make sure you’ll get the most out of your stay at the Shangri-La Hotel.

And if you are worried about not having a room with a view, well we assure you, all rooms here have one. Once in your room, the comfortable bed will plunge you into eternal rest.

room shangri-la

Our room @ The Shangri-La Hotel

Unless you decide to take advantage of the big TV screen, speakers for your music devices, mini bar, fruit, tea and coffee. Or you can just decide to dive into a big bubble bath.

The walk-in shower will help you relax immediately while you can simultaneously enjoy the view from a big window in the bathroom.

And feel free to dim the lights in your room, depending on your mood.



While Tokyo combines modernity and authenticity, the Shangri-La Hotel plunges you into a timeless world.

In here time stops, as you left it outside of this noble imperial palace. We wander around its floors like we discover the temples of Kamakura.

Looking through the hotel windows is like feeling the peace of Uono Park. Take your time at the Shangri-La Hotel so you can appreciate the dynamics of this city to its fullest.

shangri la tokyo lounge

ROOM 3517


When you walk along the hotel corridors, up the elevator to reach your room, the softness of the carpet and chandeliers guarantee you suspense to discover your living space.

So just behind your door, comfort, modernity, refinement and practicality are waiting for you. This feeling of being at home, diving into the city by its masterful perspective, as you can dive into the hotel pool after enjoying the gym.

Shangri Pool

The pool area

And if relaxing in your room is not enough, where the lights and sounds of Tokyo city are still resonating in you, feel free to book your Spa treatment at all times of the day.

Depending on your mood, the personnel will adapt the atmosphere of your spa session, like special body care, different teas… A private room will be reserved for you for the sole purpose of cutting you off the outside world.

Warning! You may develop in a perfect Zen.

Any good living starts by choosing a hotel that fits us. That animates us. And missing on staying at the Shangri-La is missing out on the opportunity to see how perfect this city is.

Where to go?

Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo

Marunouchi Trust Tower Main

1-8-3 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku

Tokyo Japan

+81 3-6739-7888




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