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Coccinelle SS2016 collection campaign

The new Coccinelle collection features classic Italian designs and bright playful colors, embodying a fresh versatility. The mood is expressed through light pink, soft pastel colors, and a fluffy feline, paying homage to delicate femininity. International top model Mariacarla Boscono, has been strategically selected as brand ambassador, perfectly representative of the brand image, as a graceful, feminine, fun, and typically Italian women. Mariacarla has a confident and determined demeanor, yet maintains her femininity, lightness, and playful attitude towards life in general. She is the ideal 21st century women, realized and strong, without compromising her womanhood, but rather embracing the unique power that accompanies it. The fashion film features the multi-functional and glamorous new it-bag Perine, as the star of the show. The campaign was shot by Billy Kidd, a photographer from New York who is shooting his fifth campaign for the brand.

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Link to backstage campaign video:


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