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Quality Meets Efficiency: Discover The Bistro Mitte

Quality and efficiency: Titian Lounge becomes Bistro Mitte

The new concept at the Grand Hyatt focuses on short waiting times, optimised processes and first-class products

Berlin, June 2024 – There is a time for everything and so, after 25 successful years, the Titian Lounge is giving way to a new, modern concept: Bistro Mitte is now synonymous with contemporary gastronomy at the Grand Hyatt Berlin. Under the leadership of Hyatt Executive Chef Philipp Ketzer, the team in London has been inspired by “Future Operating Gastronomy” to bring the culinary offer and the organisation in the background into the here and now.
“The shortage of skilled labour and the demands of Generation Z require a rethink,” says Ketzer, “but it was clear from the start: we don’t want to compromise on quality.” He is certain that it is possible to offer guests the best with foresight and a different structure, even under the new conditions in the catering industry.

Thanks to exciting partnerships, some of which have been in place for years, the preparation of the food at the new Bistro Mitte is largely outsourced. Grandma’s beef roulade (Omas Rinderroulade), for example, is delivered ready-made from the Sauerland region according to a 100-year-old family recipe. The Berlin Pasta Manufaktur ensures that the Italian pasta classics on the menu are of the highest standard with the finest craftsmanship. “Side dishes such as the mashed potatoes or the sauce for the currywurst are produced in-house according to our original recipes. This outsourcing process, which has long since proved its worth in the banqueting sector, is now also used prominently here in day-to-day business,” says Ketzer.

Simple but popular dishes such as smashed burgers, club sandwiches and Caesar salads complement the colourful selection as must-haves. “This approach allows us to respond to the staff shortage. Despite its culinary diversity, Bistro Mitte only needs three cooks instead of eight, and the concept can be realised at any time with motivated career changers. Thanks to the restructuring in the kitchen, it is now even possible to guarantee 8-hour working days, which were previously hardly a matter of course in the catering industry.”

The personnel costs saved are used to maintain the quality of the cuisine. “Although the food costs increase with sustainable culinary standards, we can easily compensate for this by using fewer staff,” says Ketzer. All dishes are designed in such a way that only a few simple steps are required to bring the dishes to the guest within a few minutes – also a great advantage in terms of time, especially in the lunch business. The 14 or so dishes on the menu are now also available in room service. The drinks are served in a similar way: Batched cocktails are prepared in bottles according to our own recipes, which replace the time-consuming mixing process and can be poured in no time at all. In addition to non-alcoholic options, classics, spritz and highballs, Bistro Mitte also serves beer, wine, soft drinks and hot drinks.

Jessica Abé was recruited as restaurant manager to realise the modern concept for Bistro Mitte. Abé previously managed the catering at Fotografiska and has a wealth of experience with a wide variety of catering formats: she has held management positions at Mani Restaurant, the nhow and in the catering departments of Berlin’s museums, including the National Gallery and the Bode Museum. Helping to shape the future of catering is a matter close to her heart and that of the entire team. On the one hand, it’s about adapting food and drinks to the needs of guests, and on the other, ideas for attractive workplaces are being realised behind the scenes.

Despite the internal reorganisation, guests’ high expectations of the Grand Hyatt Berlin are also met in the Bistro Mitte. The service is courteous and warm, the food is fresh and the drinks meet international bar standards. True to typical bistro cuisine, the food here is above all fast. And that sums up the new concept: high quality, a pleasant atmosphere and friendly service without long waiting times.

Bistro Mitte is open daily from 11 am to 9 pm.

Bookings can be made by telephone on +49 30 2553 1527

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