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RIMOWA Opens World’s First Concept Store

The future of modern luggage is being presented with spectacular hologram stages in the British capital

June 2016

RIMOWA opens its first store in London. An exceptional debut – after all, it’s also the world’s first RIMOWA Concept Store. Located on New Bond Street, one of the most prestigious shopping destinations in the British capital.

Take off to the future of global travel

Large-scale aluminium sheets made into holograms are a recurring, central motif. They stand behind the RIMOWA suitcases almost as a protective shelter, simultaneously offering a spectacular stage for the collection. This concept was inspired by the moment of moulding that every RIMOWA suitcase undergoes. The transforming instant of a two-dimensional material into a three-dimensional body, which then becomes a protective, modern suitcase.

The portrayal of the innovative, technological leadership that RIMOWA has assumed in the sector is the focus of the striking temporary store design concept. In keeping with the RIMOWA product range, high-quality materials such as bare aluminium, white lacquered wood, elegant leather and fabric create a sophisticated combination with a minimalistic colour range and perfect manufacturing. Rounded corners and architectural shapes echo the elegant details of the extraordinary RIMOWA products.

The Concept Store subtly immerses customers in the world of aviation: the way in which the large, concave holograms are arranged is reminiscent of an aircraft fuselage. This atmosphere brings the RIMOWA slogan ‘Handmade meets high-tech’ to life.

Play on reflection and light

Spanning an impressive 220 m2, the RIMOWA Concept Store beckons shoppers into a bright, sleek and visionary notion of modernity. The side walls are flanked by a plethora of niches. Inside, exclusive suitcase ranges are presented on white lacquered platforms. These are rounded off by the gleaming, protective aluminium sheet holograms in the background – and everything seems to be floating. In the centre of the room, podiums create another eyecatching display that perfectly highlights the suitcases, once more against the backdrop of aluminium holograms. Mirrored surfaces on the side walls of the Concept Store serve to emphasise the interplay between reflection, material and light.

RIMOWA Concept Store London 1

RIMOWA Concept Store London 3

Who Was Invited?

Alessandra Ambrosio, Johannes Huebl, Olivia Palermo, Naomie Harris, Amber Le Bon, Toby Huntington-Whiteley, Dougie Poynter, Zara Martin, Henry Conway, Daisy De Villeneuve, Neelam Gill, Daisy Lowe, Millie Mackintosh, Poppy Jamie, Roxie Nafousi and Olivia Cox.


Rimowa Store Launch, London, UK - 29 Jun 2016

Every movement in the store casts new reflections on the gleaming surfaces – a fascinating, dynamic concept which gives the space a different feel with each customer who enters.

The centre of the store is divided into different areas. One niche is home to the incredibly inconspicuous cash desk. Opposite this, another niche offers a cognac-coloured leather lounge chair – and the eyes are drawn to the Junkers F13 by RIMOWA presentation in the background. This area also hosts a range of accessories, presented in customised tables. Here, too, the futuristic design language is continued with a white frame, aluminium shell, rounded corners and the aluminium hologram as a backdrop.

A stylish white curtain on the back wall adds the finishing touch to this display: its folds reflect the RIMOWA suitcases’ elegant, unmistakable grooves in another dimension.

Exclusive portfolio: from the RIMOWA aircraft to the RIMOWA Electronic Tag

Following the exclusive principle of the Concept Store, the London shop does not aim to present the whole RIMOWA range. In order to bring RIMOWA’s position as an innovative leader to life, the idea was to create a theme. RIMOWA highlights are used to combine the history of travel with modernity and to offer a glimpse of the future of travel.

A good example of this is the debut presentation of the Junkers F13 project. Through this, RIMOWA reproduced the legendary aeroplane which revolutionised aviation design as the first all-metal aircraft in 1919, making just a few adjustments to keep it in line with current standards. Duralumin, an aluminium alloy with particularly high stability, represents the link – both the Junkers F13 and the first RIMOWA alloy suitcases were made using this material. The aluminium series are showcased side by side with this presentation. Another highlight of the London Concept Store is the exclusive sales launch of the high-end polycarbonate range ONYX, which is guaranteed to impress with its elegant design and exquisite details, such as leather in the characteristic groove design.

Rimowa Store Launch, London, UK - 29 Jun 2016

Rimowa Store Launch, London, UK - 29 Jun 2016

The store also offers an intriguing vision of the future of the luggage industry, which has already become a reality at RIMOWA with the unique global innovation, the RIMOWA Electronic Tag. After all, with the RIMOWA Electronic Tag and its pioneering technology, luggage can be checked in from home using a smartphone. The RIMOWA Electronic Tag is guaranteed to revolutionise travel!

RIMOWA President & CEO Dieter Morszeck proudly states, ‘With this Concept Store, RIMOWA marks another milestone as a premium brand. London is one of the most important cities in Europe and we are delighted to be opening this innovative store in such a prestigious location.’


RIMOWA Concept Store London

153A New Bond St

London W1S 2TZ

United Kingdom


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