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The Bohème collection by Montblanc stands for making even the craziest dreams come true.

A famous song by Charles Trenet from 1939 says: “The sun and the moon have an appointment, but the moon doesn’t show up and the sun has to wait”. This tells the sad reality of two lovers whose paths are simply not meant to cross. One waits for the other, who will never be able to come.

Le soleil a rendez-vous avec la lune
Mais la lune n’est pas là et le soleil attend …

The Bohème watch collection by Montblanc is aimed at those women who reach for the stars. There are no limits to their self-confidence, creativity and dreams. And so Montblanc makes the long-awaited meeting of the sun and the moon come true for them with a kiss!


The Montblanc Bohème Collection is available online at Montblanc Boutiques worldwide. For more information, please visit


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