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Order your water bottle before 13 December

LARQ protects you from so-called “eternal” pollutants with its iconic water bottles.

The bottle is made from stainless steel. The stopper, straw and filter cap are made from silicone, polypropylene and ABS. All these materials are food-grade and BPA-free. The Nano Zero filter is made from plant-based activated carbon treated with LARQ’s exclusive NanoZero process, which improves the extraction of heavy metals. LARQ Bottle Filtered is tested to NSF standards (42, 53 and 401) to remove lead, chlorine, heavy metals, PFAS/PFOS and other particulates. Not only smart but also extremely good looking !


LARQ offers exclusive PureVis technology, which improves the quality of your water wherever you are. This intelligent system is activated by touch and cleans itself to help you keep your water healthier.

PureVis technology removes bacteria, viruses and up to 99% of bio-contaminants, such as E. coli, from your water and bottle.

Bottle Filtered

LARQ is the new generation of designer bottles equipped with a revolutionary tab water filtration system, on a mission to eliminate plastic waste and improve the health of our planet. They were invented with the aim of putting an end to your consumption of plastic water bottles.

Swig Bottle

The new cap on LARQ’s first wide-mouth bottle has been specially designed to make it easier to hydrate and add ice cubes if required. What’s more, the double-walled insulation keeps the water cold for up to 24 hours.


Future developments:

– Modernisation of the filter straw

LARQ 2.0, coming in the first quarter of 2024: hydration monitoring, water purification and filtration: all-in-one bottle stopper.


LARQ is a brand of bottles and carafes, born out of a simple vision to combine innovative technology with inspiring design to help people access pure water easily and sustainably. Committed to sustainable development, every LARQ purchase supports access to drinking water and eliminates single-use plastic pollution worldwide.


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