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December, 2023 –  Sara Cavazza Facchini, Creative Director of the Maison, also for the Christmas 2023, the second consecutive year, decides to address her social commitment to support the Umberto Veronesi Foundation, an important institution engaged in scientific research against female cancer with a dedicated fundraising.

“Being alongside the Umberto Veronesi Foundation is just not a moral duty, it is a sentimental pleasure consistent with the love that Genny expresses for women. Genny is synonymous of dynamic femininity; prevention, personal care, scientific research, are values in Genny’s expressive identity”, remember Sara Cavazza Facchini.

Genny has made a special artisanal chocolate and cherry Panettone, in collaboration with the famous chef Renato Bosco.

It will be sold exclusively in the Genny Boutique and on and the proceeds will be donated entirely to support the non-profit organization Foundation Umberto Veronesi, helping the progress in the research.

“Since the beginning Umberto Veronesi Foundation has been committed to funding scientific research and spreading the importance of prevention, in particular oncological diseases that effects women, such as breast, uterine and ovarian cancer. I thank Genny for supporting us and giving hope to all women who fight against these diseases” says Professor Paolo Veronesi, Umberto Veronesi Foundation’s President.

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