A universal symbol, the rose has meant so many things to so many different people.
The flower itself contains the powers of nature in its petals: beauty for the eyes, wonder for the sense of smell.
Almost every day we come across the idea of the rose, from paper rose decorations to rose sweets… the variations are endless. The real rose, however, remains elusive, distant. How many times in our lives have we smelled a real rose? A rose capable of stealing a heart and obsessing a mind?


Henry Jacques’ unique career has been dotted with roses. Each with its own personality and secrets.
“For decades, magnificent roses have been part of our creations and, to our great honour, perfume lovers have always wanted them. But last spring, our idea of what a rose could be, what it could mean, took a new turn. We came across a rose like no other, one we’d never even dreamed existed. As with all great artistic encounters, it was a matter of destiny, and from this encounter sprang an immense surge of inspiration and creativity.”

Enthused by new prototypes and concepts, and always on the lookout for pioneering ideas, Henry Jacques developed a new collection based on his very first crop of roses. Its name, Collection de l’Atelier, echoes the painter’s studio, where dreams come to life. This collection embodies Henry Jacques’ creativity in its purest form.


HJ’s ‘Absolu Rose de Mai’ is unprecedented, very elegant and extremely pure, soft and close to the natural scent of the flower, far from the supernatural and almost aggressive notes that some absolutes can have.
“It was like discovering a new colour. A new genesis, shattering all our certainties and opening the way to the unexpected.”
This discovery plunged Henry Jacques into an ocean of possibilities so vast that it allowed the house to create multiple compositions, like a painter playing with shapes that would later become works of art. The first fragrance is pure and celebrates colour – HJ’s Absolu Rose de Mai – in all its splendour, like Yves Klein celebrating his signature blue. The other two fragrances are more daring, the fruit of much experimenting, combining, superimposing and abandoning. These two fragrances can be compared to the works of Henri Matisse in his later years, when he sculpted colours and contrasts through collage, playing with shapes and ‘counter-forms’, always oscillating between figuration and abstraction.

“It’s like discovering a new colour.
A new genesis, shattering all our certainties and opening the way to the unexpected.”

Conceived as lithographs (500 numbered copies), these fragrances are the inspired interpretation of a lifetime of savoir-faire and a glimpse into the confidential creative world of Henry Jacques. In a world of abundance, shouldn’t we cherish what only happens once in a lifetime? Is the fleeting memory of a perfume enough to fill our souls, even after it’s gone?
In order to preserve the initial gesture and to leave room for future creations from new harvests, the perfumes in the Collection de l’Atelier will never be reissued. Like fine wines, these 3 fragrances will be sincerely appreciated, shared, collected, preserved and, one day, disappear completely. But their memory will endure.

HJ’s 2023 Absolu Rose de Mai reveals notes of honey that melt into a green herbaceous character. A spicier olfactory note then appears, giving the absolute an unexpected boost.

ROSE SOLEIL is delicate, warm and spicy.
Sophisticated and complex, HJ’s Absolu Rose de Mai plays with notes of sandalwood, clove, patchouli and ylang-ylang. This fragrance evokes youth in amused wrinkles, carefree wisdom and the joy that springs from an unconscious smile. The kind of smile that only those who have lived fully can conjure up, making us lose track of time and brightening our daily lives.

ROSE TRÈS ROSE stands on its own.
Refined, pure, statutory.
The straightforwardness of HJ’s Absolu Rose de Mai is comforting and brings a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment. This fragrance evokes the reassuring home, the familiar land, the centre of gravity that saw us born and to which we always return. The scent makes you feel at home.

ROSE AZUR is charismatic and unexpected.
Wrapped in dry woody notes and zests, HJ’s Absolu Rose de Mai appears as it pleases. Like the tender heart of a strong personality, Rose Azur must be conquered. Intriguing and fascinating, impalpable, divine, celestial, almost imperceptible, the fragrance fuses different terroirs to reveal a rich, complex identity that is impossible to resist.


Henry Jacques’ iconic variation, Les Essences, was chosen for this collection as a tribute to the house’s heritage. It conveys the rarity and preciousness of these fragrances. The largest size, 30ml, was chosen to underline the generosity, quality and grandeur of HJ’s Absolu Rose de Mai.
In addition, the unique stability of the Essences allows the fragrances to last for decades without being denatured, allowing these exclusive treasures to be cherished over generations.

Collection de l’Atelier 2023, limited edition of 500 perfume boxes:
– 1x 30ml ROSE TRÈS ROSE
– 1x 30ml ROSE SOLEIL
– 1x 30ml ROSE AZUR

at a price of 9,190 euros including tax.

10 exclusive Collections de l’Atelier boxes will be unveiled later in the year, containing the 15ml and 30ml Essences fragrances. Nature permitting, each year’s harvest will give birth to 3 limited edition creations in the Les Essences variation.
Each edition will be composed of a fragrance considered to be the purest, best expressing the personality of the year’s Absolu de Rose de Mai, and the other two will unveil compositions guided by the inspiration of the moment.
Who knows what 2024 will bring?

About Henry Jacques

For almost half a century, Henry Jacques has been creating the world’s most refined essences thanks to its know-how and sense of innovation, respectful of tradition. Starting out as an independent house in France, Henry Jacques has created an infinite variety of fragrances over the years, in line with its philosophy of the Art de vivre and its constant quest for perfection. The company is renowned for the purity of its fragrances, which are crafted from exclusive natural ingredients grown in the four corners of the world. Henry Jacques creates fragrances in a variety of magnified forms, with Les Essences and Les Brumes in splash & spray at the heart of the Les Classiques collection, or with Les Solides embodied by the innovative Clic-Clac. The Les Exceptions range brings together masterpieces that push the art of Haute Parfumerie to its paroxysm, and Les Sur-Mesure, with its infinite options, allows the mind to wander and transform dreams into reality. Passed on to the next generation of the founding family, Henry Jacques now shares its expertise and passion for excellence with a new audience, opening boutiques in the United States, Southeast Asia and Japan, the Middle East and Europe – including its flagship on Avenue Montaigne in Paris.


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