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La Biosthétique Presents Frizz Control – Tame Your Rebellious Hair

Frizz Control – the new concept of 3 treatments from La Biosthétique that soothes frizzy hair, stabilizes its structure and makes it more resistant to external influences.

It’s a scenario that many of us know all too well: our hair suddenly takes on a life of its own, frizzing out of control or charging up with static electricity and standing on end.
Some people experience a nightmare when the humidity in the air causes their hair to frizz and their style to be ruined. The more porous hair is, the more sensitive it is to external influences. It seems to attract moisture from the air like a magnet to lather and frizz. Conversely, dry air, head coverings, hairdryers and even carpets can charge the most sensitive hair with static electricity, causing it to fly around.

The reason for this phenomenon can be genetic, but it can also be related to the overuse of chemical products or inappropriate styling. Due to their structure, curly and wavy hair are mainly affected by frizz. It gets charged with static electricity, stands up in all directions, becomes impossible to style and shape. A frustrating situation that La Biosthétique puts an end to once and for all with Frizz Control!
Smoothing Shampoo, Smoothing Conditioner and Smoothing Styling Fluid are the three dedicated products of the Frizz Control care concept. They provide undisciplined and porous hair with effective, deep anti-frizz action, soothe it from shampooing to styling with plenty of moisture, intensely nourish it and balance structural weaknesses. Cationic, i.e. positively charged substances discipline rebellious hair and have an antistatic effect.
The result: hair is perfectly soothed and no longer subject to the vagaries of time and other vicissitudes. Frizz and stubborn curls are permanently soft, manageable and shiny.

The soothing and stabilizing active concept of the Frizz Control range by La Biosthétique :
Moisture-fixing substances soothe and discipline the hair without a helmet effect and make it less sensitive to external influences.
Cationic substances (cationic guar and cationic cellulose combinations) provide silky softness to the hair, balance structural deviations and have a lasting antistatic effect due to their positive charge.

Soothing care and silky smoothness – Frizz Control in detail:




Smoothing Shampoo disciplines and soothes rebellious hair immediately after shampooing, nourishes it with sweet almond oil and fixes the moisture in the hair.
Positively charged cellulose combinations balance the hair structure, the still uncontrolled hair regains its suppleness and shine and is protected from external influences.


250 ml 21,10 € (indicative price)





Smoothing Conditioner stabilizes the moisture content of uncontrolled hair and provides valuable lipids.            Positively charged guar fills in structural differences and smoothes the hair surface.

The soft, perfectly   soothed hair is easy to comb and stays in shape all day, silky and shiny.


 150 ml 23,10 € (indicative price).





Lightweight fluid envelops hair without weighing it down, locks in precious moisture and balances hair structure. Cationic guar and a natural sugar polymer give the hair a soft and elastic hold.

The hair is perfectly manageable and remains in a shiny form without losing movement.


150 ml, 18,70 € (indicative price)


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