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Drinking water is a necessity, but with LARQ it’s possible, at any time.

All kinds of bacteria can be found in water. The normal tab water isn’t clean and most of the time, there is a weird taste. In Paris for example, the tab water has sometimes a taste of chlorine. It’s not tasty, not healthy.

Why is chlorine controversial?

Although chlorine is used in our swimming pools, its main function is to disinfect the water, thereby eliminating dangerous bacteria and microbes. Chlorine is highly effective in protecting our water from these pathogens, and its use has even been attributed to the practical elimination of water-borne diseases such as cholera and typhoid fever.

Although we can safely come into contact with chlorine, concerns remain about disinfection by-products such as trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids, which have potential carcinogenic health risks.

Thanks to LARQ, you can drink with peace of mind, whatever the circumstances.

The Pitcher is more than just a water filter. Equipped with PureVisTM UV-C Led technology, it effectively removes chlorine, lead, mercury, PFAS/PFOA and copper, ensuring exceptionally pure water every time. What’s more, its self-cleaning capability ensures that your water stays fresh and clean 24 hours a day.

Advantages of the LARQ Pitcher:

– Complete Contaminant Removal: Nano Zero technology offers advanced filtration for optimum water purity.

– Self-cleaning and practical: Forget the hassle of maintenance. The Pitcher automatically purifies itself in the background, giving you healthy water every time you pour.

– Elegant and Ergonomic Design: Combining aesthetics and functionality, the Pitcher is designed to fit perfectly into your everyday life.

– PureVisTM UV-C Led technology: Purifies water by destroying bio-contaminants at the molecular level. It activates automatically, both when filling and every 6 hours to prevent the growth of bacteria and biocontaminants.

We also like to add the point that LARQ is very kind to the environment, as there is no need to buy water in plastic bottles anymore. This is fantastic for the planet and all generations.


LARQ Pitcher €168 – LARQ Pitcher Filter €34



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