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CAMELUXE: an important step towards fashion’s sustainable future.

The world demands that all of us address the challenges of sustainability and climate change. At the heart of Max Mara’s contribution is our latest innovative product: Max Mara The Cube (the integrated system of outerwear and accessories of the brand) with Cameluxe, an ultra-fine material used as insulation for a new generation of The Cube.

Arizona Muse is the star of the Spring Summer 2022 campaign supporting Max Mara The Cube with Cameluxe padding. The model and activist is the founder of DIRT, a foundation for the regeneration of Earth. She is passionately committed to raising awareness about fashion sustainability and its environmental impact. She says, “We are in a Climate Crisis. I’m educating myself about the solutions available and sharing what I learn.” The campaign is photographed by Robbie Lawrence. The video is directed by Tracy Doyle.

The Max Mara The Cube with Cameluxe is an adaptable, high performance collection. Key pieces for Spring Summer 2022 include fully reversible, lightweight, zipped jackets, oversized parkas and boxy sweatshirts.
The collection comes in a spectrum of colors that range from dazzling brights (sunny yellows, and oranges, bouganville, sky blue and green), to the classics (camel, navy and white). A range of zippered clutches, padded with Cameluxe, completes the look in complementary colors.

Camel hair fiber has been an intrinsic part of Max Mara’s brand DNA for seventy years. For decades, our iconic coats have been crafted from this luxurious and adaptable material.
Cameluxe is created in three steps which further extend the lifecycle of the fibers. First, excess camelhair from the production of Max Mara coats, a quantity that is normally discarded, is collected and sorted. This material is then spun into super-fine fibers before being blended with recycled polyester. This combination is used to create the padding for the Max Mara The Cube with Cameluxe garments: a product that is not only sustainable but also highly resilient with extraordinary tensile strength and impressive insulating properties.

By repurposing luxury materials that would otherwise have been wasted these new methods directly address the challenges of fashion production’s environmental impact. As a result, energy consumption is decreased, waste managed, water usage and CO2 emissions reduced. For this achievement, “Camera Nazionale della Moda Fashion Award” in Recognition for Sustainability was collected by Max Mara at the Green Carpet fashion awards in September 2019.

The Cameluxe padding project has been certified according to the Global Recycled Standard, a standard developed by Textile Exchange, an established non-profit institution that, for over 15 years, has been supporting responsible and sustainable product development in the textile industry, and certified by ICEA, a national institution that certifies organizations operating in line with sustainable standards for the environment and for people.
Cameluxe is powered by Imbotex Lab.


About Max Mara

Max Mara, founded in 1951 by the late visionary Achille Maramotti, is one of the highest expression of Italian luxury and style. A contemporary collection of ready-to-wear and accessories for today’s powerful women. Recognized for its timeless designs and its luxurious fabrics, Max Mara is revered for the classification of the absolute coat, sharp suiting and modern accessories. Max Mara is distributed in 2,500 locations in more than 100 countries worldwide. The Max Mara Fashion Group counts nine different brands. The company remains privately held and managed by the Maramotti family.


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