Haute Couture, Paris

Schiaparelli Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2018

“Pagan goddess, a summer night, dream mythology”

“Sweltering Africa and languorous Asia,
A whole far-away world, absent, almost defunct,

Dwells in your depths, aromatic forest!
While other spirits glide on the wings of music,
Mine, O my love! floats upon your perfume.”

Charles Baudelaire

A pagan myth. Nature. Nubian tales and Moorish legends. Far away kingdoms where women exhale regal grace and elegance. Merging this imaginary world with hints of the Elizabethan era and fragments of Mediterranean civilisations’ munificence, the season explores raw materials transcended by extremely refined savoir-faire. The blending of African and European cultures reveals a collection of contemporary deities or modern apparitions of a cosmopolitan femininity.

Praising the work of the hand as it transforms ordinary synthetic or natural materials into ethereal sensuality. The prowess of the atelier infuses poetry into linen, raffia, nylon and plastic shopping bags when woven with silk, embroidered with Swarovski mother-of-pearl beads or braided with feathers. Fresh yet strong silhouettes play with infinite textures. This eclecticism creates a renewed opulence epitomizing the quintessence of the house’s style, with subtlety and passion.

Lightness and transparency translate the soul of Elsa Schiaparelli’s pagan collection and the allegory of the Tree of Life. Graceful butterfly wings flap in fil coupé jacquards, 3D prints, hand-painted motifs, embroidered guipure or tufted chenille. Beetles play with cobweb-like lace while insects run through delicate fabrics. An animist spirit seems to bring jackets in python marquetry embellished with padlocks to life.

Legendary jinns’ smokeless fire persona lights up silk chiffon with incandescent colours. The blazing heart of a shocking pink gown alternates with subdued or bold hues such as sunset earth, savannah ochre, desert rose or crisp, summer white.

Schiaparelli_PE2018_Look_01 Schiaparelli_PE2018_Look_02 Schiaparelli_PE2018_Look_03 Schiaparelli_PE2018_Look_04 Schiaparelli_PE2018_Look_05 Schiaparelli_PE2018_Look_06 Schiaparelli_PE2018_Look_07 Schiaparelli_PE2018_Look_08 Schiaparelli_PE2018_Look_09 Schiaparelli_PE2018_Look_10 Schiaparelli_PE2018_Look_11 Schiaparelli_PE2018_Look_12 Schiaparelli_PE2018_Look_13 Schiaparelli_PE2018_Look_14 Schiaparelli_PE2018_Look_15 Schiaparelli_PE2018_Look_16 Schiaparelli_PE2018_Look_17 Schiaparelli_PE2018_Look_18 Schiaparelli_PE2018_Look_19 Schiaparelli_PE2018_Look_20 Schiaparelli_PE2018_Look_21 Schiaparelli_PE2018_Look_22 Schiaparelli_PE2018_Look_23 Schiaparelli_PE2018_Look_24 Schiaparelli_PE2018_Look_25 Schiaparelli_PE2018_Look_26 Schiaparelli_PE2018_Look_27 Schiaparelli_PE2018_Look_28 Schiaparelli_PE2018_Look_29 Schiaparelli_PE2018_Look_30 Schiaparelli_PE2018_Look_31 Schiaparelli_PE2018_Look_32 Schiaparelli_PE2018_Look_33 Schiaparelli_PE2018_Look_34 Schiaparelli_PE2018_Look_35 Schiaparelli_PE2018_Look_36 Schiaparelli_PE2018_Look_37 Schiaparelli_PE2018_Look_38 Schiaparelli_PE2018_Look_39 Schiaparelli_PE2018_Look_40 Schiaparelli_PE2018_Look_41 Schiaparelli_PE2018_Look_42 Schiaparelli_PE2018_Look_43


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