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This is not a meeting that corresponds to the norm. In February we had the honour to meet Babette in Paris at the Plaza Athénée, more precisely at the Dior Spa. Because Dior, like us, was extremely inspired by Babette’s innovation, and a collaboration was born.

Babette is a woman who is extraordinary. And a woman who radiates such enormous positive energy and enthusiasm that when you listen to her you get the feeling of a young girl sitting in front of you, almost shy. Which is actually incredible after everything she has achieved. It was an unforgettable moment to meet this woman and hear her story.

“The elegance, creativity, audacity and perfectionism of the House of Dior are unique in the world. Developing accessories to contribute to the excellence of treatments in Dior Spas is not only an honour but also an extraordinary challenge.”
Babette Keller Liechti, founder of KT Home SA.

The little girl from Switzerland was born with one thing in her cradle, as she said, namely to be an entrepreneur.

For years she worked in the watch industry in Switzerland and realised that the towels on which the miniature handicrafts were made often left a lot of dust behind. So she developed her own microfibre in Japan and was successful worldwide with the biggest luxury brands in the jewellery and watch sector. Now she has moved on to beauty and skincare.

Babette Switzerland gloves feature an exclusive knitting, which captures a maximum of impurities on the surface of the skin, without depositing them on other parts of the face.
The gloves are made from a reversible knit for unrivalled flexibility. Seamless and dye-free, they are suitable for all skin types, all sensitivities and all ages. In just one swipe, your face is clean and radiant. Skin is luminous and relaxed.
A gentle, effective and responsible solution for removing even the most stubborn make-up in one simple step, while taking care to thoroughly cleanse the skin.

Babette Switzerland’s make-up remover, cleansing and exfoliating gloves have become partners in Dior skincare rituals around the world.
Dior Spas are now using the gloves created by Babette Keller Liechti to offer a unique holistic experience for total well-being.
A partnership under the banner of excellence, a value dear to both houses.
Babette Switzerland gloves meet all the requirements of the House of Dior. They are extremely effective, gentle on the skin and in line with Dior’s commitment to sustainability. One glove alone replaces 3,000 cotton discs.

Why this article was only written 2 months after the meeting is because Babette’s gloves were tested for 2 months by our founder, as she suffers from acne.  But also by the team and everyone just loves them and orderd already.

The result was amazing! The skin got visibly better from week to week and even when travelling the glove was incredibly handy and helpful. For example, on airplanes, long-distance flights, there was always this one problem, you can’t take all your make-up removal stuff with you. Since Babette’s glove, there is nothing easier and better for the skin. And it’s so soothing!

Our tip: Simply remove make-up with hot water, without products. And always wash at 60 degrees. You’ll see, it works wonders, is good for the environment and basically saves money. Because goodbye make-up removal products, goodbye wool pads, goodbye goodbye.

“I designed my gloves with a lot of love and dedication. Originally just to fulfil a personal need. But fate had other plans. My gloves have become much more than just a simple accessory. They were created thanks to curious minds like yours, open hearts for innovation and always with your well-being in mind.

The House of Babette is not only the result of my work, but also of my passion for the art of creation. Here, elegance and technology merge into a symbiosis. For almost four decades, we have been privileged to supply the world’s most prestigious luxury watch and jewellery brands. This has been an extraordinary journey, rich in challenges and successes, to preserve the most precious timepieces in their splendour,” says Babette Keller Liechti

During the launch of the collab with the Dior Spa, Babette demonstrated on herself how she removes make-up, using only water. And she even cured her children’s acne problems with it. We call it Babette’s magic glove! An incredible innovation that deserves to be recognised worldwide.


“My commitment to your well-being
Every time you use my gloves, I want you to feel the tangible difference, the love and dedication I put into making them.

They are much more than a simple cleaning accessory. They are the symbol of our commitment to your inner and outer beauty and to our planet.”

Babette Keller Liechti

She mentioned that her father once said she “was too stupid to study”. As we know today, she was immeasurably stronger than that. She incarnates the strong woman of today. And she speaks for all women at the same time, that is what makes her so special, among many other things.

But there is not only one, but two gloves:

FluffyMini: This make-up removal and cleansing glove is distinguished by the extreme softness of its knit and the cutting-edge technology used to create its fibre. It gently removes all impurities embedded in the skin’s fine lines. Unrivalled softness for deep cleansing and make-up removal for delicate and sensitive skin.

NudeMini: This ultra-exfoliating, make-up-removing and cleansing glove is highly effective for deep cleansing the body and face. Ideal for normal skin, it will take care of unclogging all pores. Its knitted fabric is made up of loops of microfilaments that enable it to reach the heart of the epidermis and eliminate all impurities and dead cells by capillary action in a single movement.

Two Protocols Exclusive at Dior Spas
Dior has developed two professional application techniques for use in spas:
– The stripping method with the FluffyMini glove, which hugs all areas of the face for perfect make-up removal and cleansing.
– The grid exfoliation with the NudeMini uses Dior Floral Peeling Lotion, and respects the skin’s delicacy thanks to the glove’s softness.


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