Fashion Week, Paris

Oxford Fashion Studio Paris – SS20

Oxford Fashion Studio strives to give a voice to the emerging designers that have a story to tell. It represents a golden opportunity for independent designers to showcase their creations to an audience of industry experts during the fashion weeks of all of the world’s fashion capitals.

During the Spring/Summer 2020 edition of Paris Fashion Week, the runway once again took place in the prestigious Opera Ballroom of Intercontinental Paris Le Grand. Six diverse designers from all corners of the world got to present their collections in front of a curious audience.

Lula Martinez Moda from Ecuador presented the collection La Raíz, “the root”. Inspired by our origin; the nature, the collection calls for a distance from our structured world and instead invites us to explore the nature around us.

The jungle, flowers, trees, and even fairytale-like beings can be sensed from the creations.

Lula Martinez Moda

Tom Foolery of American designer Shannon Ashford is the brand that circles around one single garment – the jumpsuit, in a fusion of Californian and Kenyan culture.

The SS20 collection, Kwa Upendo, is both inspired and created by the people of Kenya; the country where all pieces are produced under fair working conditions.

Sustainability and responsibility are key components of the brand, and all fabrics are currently made from plastic bottles.

Tom Foolery


Gessica Collective’s collection “The Art of War” was inspired by the terror attacks in Paris in 2015 and all other tragedies that we are surrounded with.

The main message that the designer aims to convey through the creations is that in the light of a tragedy, people stand up and do extraordinary things.

We need to be prepared for war at any time, and the collection includes military-inspired details and materials fused with modern streetwear in order to reflect an “Everyday Soldier”.

Gessica Collective

Aspect Doré is the brand of Saudi born Nouran Nazer, presenting a SS20 collection inspired by the strength of women. Traditional pieces, such as the corset, are redefined in her collection and get a new meaning that reflects power and independency.

Lace and other see-through fabrics symbolize vitality and fertility, and the puffy arms, a signature look of the brand, represent women’s ability to stand tall even after having gone through a tough journey.



Carlous Palmer X Slant showed a collection with a palpable feel of ancient Egypt with a futuristic touch, to which the hieroglyphic patterns, bold accessories, tooth-like necklaces, and minimalist materials contributed.

Some pieces were transformed into completely new looks on the runway through quick unhooks and zips.

Hawaii born Carlous Palmer’s creations are all eco-friendly and designed with an aim not to hurt any animals in the process.



Mahnaz Primoradi, Iranian fashion designer, showed a collection inspired by Yin and Yang – the concept of dualism and the interconnectedness of opposites. Asymmetric silhouettes and strong contrast in both colors and materials are used to reflect the theme.

Black and white together with glossy materials and sharp lines dominate the collection, creating an elegant yet powerful experience for the spectator.



R. Andberg


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