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SHA Wellness Clinic Begins International Expansion with MEXICO

Sha Wellness Clinic begins international expansion, announcing two new establishments, the first of them in Mexico

After 11 years as an international benchmark in health and wellness through its current location in Spain, SHA announces the start of its international expansion plan, announcing the opening of two new establishments on different continents for the next three years. The first of them will be located in a paradisiacal point of Mexico, the location of the next establishment will be revealed before the end of this year. In this way, SHA consolidates its leadership within the growing “Wellness” industry.

Since its 2008 creation by the Bataller family, SHA has marked a turning point in the health and wellness sector. Its unique and integrative method, combining scientific medicine and natural medicine like no other establishment so far, positioned Spain as a world reference in health and wellness. SHA has improved the health and well-being of more than 60,000 people, including a long list of celebrities, royal families and heads of state, and having received nearly a hundred awards from the leading international institutions in the field.

Now it will replicate its concept in new markets while maintaining the effectiveness and standards of excellence that define it. After evaluating many proposals to replicate our concept in different new locations, and after an in-depth analysis considering diverse factors such as climate, environment, connectivity and access to clinical resources, the Bataller family selected two new locations, being Playa Mujeres, in Mexico the first of these locations to open in 2021, a strategic location to serve both the North American and Latin American markets. After more than a decade with a consolidated and successful project in Spain, the brand plans to open at least one SHA per continent in the future.


SHA Mexico will be located in the state of Quintana Roo, in a quiet and paradisiacal setting in front of Isla Mujeres, just 30 minutes from Cancun’s international airport. It will have 7 hectares of native nature, where it will be integrated with the exuberant flora and fauna of the area, and with about half a kilometer of white sand beach. In front of its beaches is located the most important coral reef in the northern hemisphere. SHA Mexico will become the main reference point for the health and wellness sector in the American continent due to its size, exclusivity and innovation and the offer of clinical services and wellness.

Architectural avant-garde and sustainability

The renowned Mexican architecture studio Sordo Madaleno and the prestigious interior architect Alejandro Escudero will be the design architects of SHA Mexico. The landscaping, a fundamental aspect of the project, will be carried out by Maat Handasa, who will devise the exteriors to highlight local species.

The SHA building will rise to different heights surrounded by gardens that integrate it into the surroundings. An organic and contemporary design aesthetic will permeate the wellness centre, whose spaces will flow perfectly from the inside to the outside. It will have 100 suites and Private Residences, all with seafront views. True to its principles of sustainability, the brand will minimise its environmental impact by using mostly natural construction materials and renewable energy sources. Marble, Mexican ceramics, wicker and native fabrics are some of the organic, natural and local materials that will be used in the construction and decor of the avant-garde wellness centre. The luxury finishes respect the overall aesthetic and the environment.

SHA Wellness Clinic

SHA Wellness Clinic is a pioneering wellness clinic whose mission is to help people live longer and better through a comprehensive and integrative approach to health. In addition to genetics, our health and well-being are determined by our lifestyle and nutrition. The SHA Method, developed and supervised by world-renowned experts, integrates the most advanced scientific medicine treatments, especially in the field of preventive, genetic and anti-aging medicine, with the most effective natural therapies, giving special attention to highly therapeutic nutrition. SHA Wellness Clinic offers different health programmes personalised to meet the needs and welfare objectives of each individual. The health programmes are carefully adapted to each guest upon arrival, always following expert medical and therapeutic evaluations.

SHA Wellness Clinic is a life-transforming experience, where health is understood not only as the absence of disease, but as an optimal state of complete physical, mental, spiritual well-being in harmony with the environment, your ideal weight and great vitality.

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