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STEINWAY & SONS, the manufacturer of the world’s most beautiful pianos, announces the launch of a new Limited Edition, the KRAVITZ GRAND, in collaboration with Lenny Kravitz, world-renowned rock star and true contemporary Renaissance man. For 167 years, Steinway & Sons pianos have been meticulously handcrafted by artisans in the New York and Hamburg workshops.


This craftsmanship takes months or even years per instrument. Offering Limited Edition pianos is Steinway’s way of challenging the codes of the classical world and broadening its audience. These unique limited edition pianos are the result of collaborations with some of the most emblematic artists and designers of our time such as Lang Lang, Dakota Jackson, Karl Lagerfeld and Dale Chihuly. They combine all of Steinway’s historical know-how with original designs. The KRAVITZ GRAND, Steinway’s latest collaboration, takes the brand away from its classical roots to transcend traditions.

Lenny Kravitz, a lifelong admirer of Steinway & Sons, naturally joined forces with the brand to design his version of the emblematic B model, strictly limited to 10 pieces. For this personal project, Lenny Kravitz and his Kravitz Design studio dissected every aspect of piano construction, from the belt to the mechanics to the screws, to create a brand new look that looks like nothing Steinway has ever created before.

The KRAVITZ GRAND is inspired by the African themes used in painting, sculpture and fabrics of the Parisian art scene of the 1920s. The piano’s belt, made of 15 layers of solid maple, is dressed with Macassar ebony personally selected by Lenny Kravitz for its exceptional veining. This Model B features hand carved patterns on the belt, the inside of the lid and the music stand that required over 200 hours of manual labor by Steinway craftsmen for each instrument. The legs of the piano are also hand carved in black ebony finish. The design of the metal elements is also striking: the cast iron frame is adorned with a “crackle” finish, the crutch is cast in solid bronze, as is the lyre. The lyre, designed by Kravitz Design and made by the historic Modern Art Foundry, weighs about 20 kilos. The KRAVITZ GRAND also includes specific metal finishes for the pedals, the music stand tops, the hinges and a “Limited Edition” label with the piano number.

The black keys are made of matt ebony, the white ones are cream colored. The bench is handmade in the same Macassar ebony as the piano and covered with a cheetah-printed cloth. For the final touch, the Steinway & Sons and Spirio logos are inlaid with fake tortoise shells by Pearl Works.

Each copy is equipped with the Spirio | r system, the world’s most powerful high-resolution recording and reproduction system designed by Steinway & Sons. The KRAVITZ GRAND costs $500,000.

“The first instrument I played was a Steinway,” said Lenny Kravitz. “I’ve been a fan of their pianos since the beginning of my career 30 years ago, and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to design the piano of my dreams. I put my heart and soul into every element of the design of this piano and I am grateful to have worked with a partner who gave me so much creative freedom. This process has resulted in something very personal and pushes the limits of what can be done with a classical piano. »



“The KRAVITZ GRAND is one of the most exciting visions of this 167-year-old classic design,” said Ron Losby, CEO of Steinway Musical Instruments. “Lenny has been a fantastic partner with an extraordinary eye for creation and design. Everyone involved in this project, both in design and execution, really had to push their limits to create something that was unlike any other piano designed in the past. This collaboration with Lenny allowed us to put our history and heritage at the service of this extraordinary project and to give birth to a unique design, never seen before. We are thrilled to unveil this instrument and share it with Steinway and Lenny Kravitz lovers alike. »


About Steinway & Sons
Since 1853, Steinway & Sons pianos have set the benchmark for sound, touch and aesthetics. They remain the preferred choice of nine out of ten concert pianists, as well as many professionals and amateurs. For more information, please visit

About Kravitz Design
Kravitz Design, Inc. (KDI) is a conceptual design studio founded in 2003 by Lenny Kravitz, a true Renaissance man and legendary music icon. With a modern sensibility and a focus on interior design as well as object design, Kravitz Design’s work always conveys a delicate elegance through
an innate and relaxed sense of style. The studio’s team includes diverse professionals from the world of design, having worked on projects on a global scale. KDI has an extensive portfolio of references, including hotels, buildings, private residences and consumer goods.

Kravitz Designs clients include world-renowned brands such as Pepsi, Leica, Dom Perignon, SBE, Fred Segal, Rocky Mountain Hardware and CB2. Kravitz Design recently completed a 35-unit apartment building in New York called 75 Kenmare and is currently working on a unique hotel project in Detroit called Temple. Temple will include 110 rooms, suites and apartments for extended stays, as well as two restaurants, several bars and an entertainment area featuring live music and a nightclub. @kravitz_design




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