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WE TRIED THE SIGNATURE FACIAL TREATMENT at Lutétia Paris | Maison de Médecine Esthétique

The Signature Face Care by Lutétia in Paris, an innovative treatment

A good facial treatment in Paris was really not easy to find and we’ve been looking for it for quite a while…

But then we tried the “Signature Treatment” at la Maison Lutétia Paris and the result was just incredible!

Spending the lockdown on the countryside was great for the skin, coming back to Paris I can tell that the skin was less happy.

The skin on your face is subject to daily aggressions such as pollution, stress or short nights. The experts at the Maison Lutétia in Paris have developed a made-to-measure treatment for instant radiance: The Signature Treatment. Designed to adapt to all skin types and phototypes, this treatment will meet your needs thanks to a composition with multiple benefits. It deeply cleanses, moisturizes and refines the skin’s texture for a guaranteed healthy glow.

The big wooden door of Maison Lutétia, a historic private mansion built in 1887 on the prestigious Plaine Monceau, opens automatically after I rang the bell… and what you get to see and feel then is… Extraordinary, very Parisian like and classy.

In this setting where mouldings, mosaics and period parquet flooring rub shoulders with aesthetic treatments and the latest generation machines, each space has been entirely designed for the comfort of patients. Private areas in each of the treatment rooms are also provided so that patients can change their clothes, recharge their phones and take a break at any time…

I was guided to the waiting area, where you can enjoy your time inside on comfy furniture with beautiful decoration or outside on their cozy terrasses. You feel great even before the treatment has even started! In contrast to other aesthetic clinics, you will be warmly welcomed and cared for at la Maison Lutétia Paris.

But let me tell you more about the Signature Treatment and what exactly was done on my tired face.

Specially created by the experts of the Maison Lutétia, this unique treatment can be personalised according to the needs of each patient, thanks to a precise diagnosis. For this treatment, our experts have opted for a combination of products based on fruit acids and plant active ingredients whose virtues are well proven. Before starting the treatment, the expert practitioner will carry out a thorough cleansing of the skin, which will enable the expert to analyse your needs and make a diagnosis:


Step 1: The Diamond Peel
The expert practitioner performs the Diamond Peel, a mechanical and gentle exfoliation which, thanks to a tip composed of diamond chips and a suction action of dead cells, smoothes out irregularities in the skin grain. In addition to exfoliating the epidermis, this step stimulates oxygenation by promoting better blood circulation.

Step 2: Application of the enzymatic peel
In addition to the microdermabrasion allowed by the Diamond Peel, the practitioner will apply an enzymatic peel so the exfoliating action is reinforced by exposure to steam. This process will deeply cleanse the skin, making it healthier and more alive.

If necessary, a manual extraction of blackheads is carried out.

Step 3: The application of the purifying mask
On well exfoliated skin, the expert practitioner will apply a mask selected according to your needs. This may be an anti-ageing mask to prevent the first wrinkles, purifying to treat acne-prone skin, clarifying to gently treat hyperpigmentation, moisturising for dry skin or rejuvenating for smooth, even skin.

During the time the mask is applied, the practitioner performs a cranial massage to relax you while activating blood circulation. (Believe me, this was heaven)

Step 4: Phototherapy to maximise benefits
To top it all off, a passage under the LED to maximise the effects of the treatment is made. The vibratory properties of the light waves will penetrate the skin, stimulating it and restoring the functioning and energy of a young cell.

Step 5: The final touch
The treatment ends with the application of a vitamin C serum, an eye contour, a moisturizing day cream and a sunscreen.

The results after the treatment (75 min later):

The skin is visibly smoothed, luminous and moisturised.
Impurities are cleaned away – my skin looks even and clean.
The epidermis is renewed – the skin is super soft.
An immediate burst of radiance – the natural, healthy glow is incredible – for me it was right after the treatment and it is still lasting!

In order to keep a young, healthy and luminous skin, and to prevent skin ageing, it is recommended to perform a Signature Facial Treatment by Lutétia at least once a month.

I recommend to do this treatment in the morning, so you can glow all day right after finishing the Signature Facial.

As this one is the signature treatment, you will only find it at la Maison Lutétia Paris ♥

Price: 180€

Why is it called Maison Lutétia?

From the Thermes de Cluny, which already, in the time of Lutetia (The Roman city of Lutetia was the predecessor of present-day Paris), provided exceptional body care for men and women, to the inimitable style of Parisians, Paris is THE world capital and emblematic of natural elegance and refinement.

This inimitable style has contributed to the birth of the Maison Lutétia, the halo of the “French Touch”, this sought-after signature, a symbol of French excellence throughout the world.

What other treatments offers la Maison Lutétia Paris?

The House practices aesthetic medicine far from clichés – hedonistic, demanding, subtle – for both men and women. Today, it is the largest European centre for scar-free hair transplants, with the DHI method, which it offers exclusively in France.

When it comes to treatment, the Maison Lutétia aims for made-to-measure solutions. No need for a scalpel, but rather a natural one. The procedure is carried out by doctors who are familiar with the most sophisticated and high-performance techniques and is always precise, nuanced, controlled and calculated. You can also try:

Carbon Laser Peel
MesoLED Face
Expert Cellular Care
Hyaluronic Acid for Women
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Medical Peelings
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…and also many innovative treatments for men!

The team of la Maison Lutétia is international, speaks several languages and is ready to welcome you!

To get more information about the Signature Treatment, click here.

For other bookings and other information, click here, or the easy way is to call directly.


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and now also in


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