2024 FOR YOUR SIGN by ClaudiaVannini

2024 for your SIGN

by ClaudiaVannini


THE FAMILY – the year is happy for you and your home. There is harmony and babies can arrive. There are no problems with the structure of the house and you should avoid renovations. There is no change of address.

HEALTH – take care of your lungs, neck, intestines and throat.

LOVE – the year has no major events in the emotional sector. Married people can rethink their relationship. Singles are more interested in their friends and do not seek commitment.

FINANCES – you have a prosperous year ahead. Jupiter boosts your finances and there are many possibilities for new businesses. After May 25th, the expansion is visible. Prepare yourself through specialization and pay attention to investments.

WORK – there are no signs of major changes. The suggestion is to get more involved with your colleagues and the spirit of the company you work for. Participate in events, company parties and conferences.

Special THEMES in your yearfriends, healthy eating, paranormal experiences, religion, faith and spirituality.

CAREERS made easier in 2024: financial speculation, real estate investment, investments, information technology, sale of electronic equipment, marketing, advertising, social media management, events and tourism.


THE FAMILY – there is harmony in your home. The property may undergo repairs. Pay attention to plumbing, dripping taps, rainwater drainage, roof infiltration and sewage flow.

HEALTH – Take care of your kidneys, heart, throat and hips.

LOVE – the year promises a firm relationship. There is no trend towards official marriage. Married people do not experience great tension.

FINANCE – an excellent financial year. Jupiter contributes to your gains. The only slow months are October and November. In the others, you can count on new opportunities and quick profits.

WORK – There is a tendency to change jobs, receive a promotion or become an entrepreneur. Colleagues, including those from the past, recommend good opportunities. It’s a good professional moment.

Special THEMES in your yearhealthy eating, low-impact physical exercise, friends, occultism, spirituality, religion, faith and Philosophy.

CAREERS indicated in 2024: real estate investment, commerce, fashion, decoration, architecture, stock exchange, insurance brokerage, banking and loan sector, social security and private pension consultancy, automobile sales.


THE FAMILY – the year is harmonious with your relatives. There is no tendency to move houses or make major renovations. Babies can arrive and shake up the family.

HEALTH – take care of your heart and spine

LOVE – a wonderful year in the emotional field. Singles find a partner. There may be an official marriage. Married people have great moments in their relationship.

FINANCE – a good year in the financial sector. The results of your work will appear after May 25th. There is money and you must take your career seriously. There is no room for play around this year. Take the reins.

WORK – There is a tendency for professional growth. You may change jobs or receive a promotion. The year has good times for you. Patience with authoritarian bosses.

Special THEMES in your yearTravel, long studies, faith, religion, magic, occultism, healthy eating, organic food, children and selling items for children.

CAREERS recommended in 2024: tourism, hospitality, wine sommelier, gastronomy, construction, elderly care, nanny, holistic therapist, residence and event organizer.


THE FAMILY – a busier year in your home. Eclipses will force you to resolve issues with relatives. If there is tension, it will be through defiant children. Dialogue is the way.

HEALTH – take care of your liver, lungs and heart

LOVE – an excellent emotional year. There are signs of a remarkable romance. By the end of May, singles will likely be dating. There is no marriage. Married people have good times.

FINANCES – a balanced year. There are no signs of big gains or losses. Pay attention to the months of April and October. They are not that prosperous. Next year will be much better for you.

WORK – There is a tendency to find a new job. It may be a promotion, but you need to get out of your comfort zone for your year to be more active. There are opportunities after May 25th.

Special THEMES in your yearadventure sports, aesthetics, fashion, self-image, healthy eating, faith, integrative or holistic therapies, Astrology, Numerology and Oracles.

CAREERS recommended in 2024: all jobs that are done online, meditation teacher, yoga teacher, personal trainer, pet carer, pet shop owner, craftsman, holistic therapist, electronics market, children’s retail, events, leisure and fun.


THE FAMILY – A busy year with your relatives. They may need you more on health topics. You dedicate yourself to a project to beautify the house.

HEALTH – take care of your heart and spine

LOVE – the year promises turmoil in your emotional life. There are several romances, but they don’t seem serious. Married people rethink their relationship. Be careful not to get involved with someone from your work. It could be complicated in the future.

FINANCES – the year is balanced. There are no unusual gains or losses. Manage carefully and pay attention to paying taxes. April, August and December are slow months.

WORK – There is growth this year. You can change jobs. It’s a very good year in your professional life. Meet with colleagues and strengthen networking.

Special THEMES in your year – children, financial management, mental health, physical health, tantric practices, yoga, meditation, low-impact physical exercise and healthy eating.

CAREERS indicated in 2024: all technology themes, social media, influencer, marketing, digital media, photography, sales, stock exchange, real estate speculation, and business leadership.


THE FAMILY – A tumultuous year at home. Your relatives may need you on the health topic. There is no tendency to renovate the house or change the address.

HEALTH – take care of your intestines and throat

LOVE – lots of dating in your year. Singles have several relationships at the same time. It can be complicated. Married people rethink their relationship and are not very interested in love.

FINANCES – the year is balanced. There are gains and new financial opportunities through friends. Get involved in groups to have access to good information. Be careful in March and October. You may experience financial losses.

WORK – An excellent year in the professional field. You are successful, recognized and valued. You can change jobs or get promoted. Don’t miss the opportunity to dive into your career.

Special THEMES in your yearfriends, family, marriage, children, oracles, magic, mental health, financial management.

CAREERS indicated in 2024: fashion, art, aesthetics, hospitality, wine sommelier, gastronomy, real estate speculation, physiotherapy, psychology, education, nutrition, stock market, financial management, antiques and jewelry.


THE FAMILY – Excellent year with your family. You can change your address or renovate the entire property. It will be positive.

HEALTH take care of your kidneys, hips, lower back and knees

LOVE – an excellent emotional year. Singles find someone and there is adventure in their sex life. It’s a fun year. Married people have fun together.

FINANCE – great results in the financial sector. You are free to dare. You may discover a new way to make money or invest in the financial market. Enjoy the new moment.

WORK – March and September are tense in the profession. In the remaining months, the career remains balanced. There are no major changes, but preparations for 2025. Specialize to embrace opportunities.

Special THEMES in your yearchildren, spiritual healing, oracles, magic, spells, marriage, societies and partnerships, healthy eating, high-impact physical exercise, adventures and beauty.

CAREERS indicated in 2024: stock exchange, real estate market, agribusiness, children’s and youth commerce, entertainment, events, leisure, sports, commerce in general, influencer, content creator, radio, TV and media, marketing, advertising.


THE FAMILY – Babies may arrive at the end of the year. Your home goes through a lot of movement. Family members are very involved in your year. They are always close by and you can come together to support someone with poor health.

HEALTH – take care of your intestines, neck and sinuses

LOVE – lots of romance and little commitment. The year promises great adventures in the heart department, but there is no wedding. The married couple, who did not break up in 2023, remain together.

FINANCES – the year is balanced. You notice better financial movement after May 25th. Reach out to friends and influential groups to receive the best information about what’s trending.

 WORK – There is no sign of major changes. It’s a balanced year in professional life. If you are married or have partners, you can support your partners’ work. The results will be greater and there will be more progress if you work in a group.

Special THEMES in your year – self-knowledge and psychology

CAREERS indicated in 2024: agribusiness, mining, public relations, commerce in general, financial speculation, jewelry, insurance consultant, law.


THE FAMILY – a balanced year with your relatives. Babies can arrive and liven up the family. The elderly request your presence and need psychological care. The renovations are welcome, but there is no change of address.

HEALTH – take care of your liver, kidneys, throat and intestines

LOVE – marriage in sight. The year promises dating, engagement and official marriage. Married couples have great times and have fun together. It’s a happy year in this sector.

FINANCES – A prosperous year. After 30 years, you free yourself from planetary pressures. You can earn money in a new job or new vocation. It is a new financial story that will be written from now on. Celebrate and dedicate yourself.

WORK – Some good news in professional life. It could be the evolution of work that was already in progress.

Special THEMES in your year – hypnosis, behavioral therapies, neurolinguistic programming, psychology and holistic healing.

CAREERS recommended in 2024: pharmacy, maritime trade, liquids trade, gastronomy, hospitality, Airbnb administrator, wine sommelier, food and beverage retail, nanny, elderly care, physiotherapy, nutrition and home organizer.


THE FAMILY – Babies can shake up the family group. The year is livened up by children and grandchildren. The environment is pleasant and there is no tendency to change residence. Reforms happen.

HEALTH – take care of the lungs, heart, liver and spine

LOVE – few chances of experiencing great love. Singles are not interested in the topic. Married people stay married. Nothing very exciting. But next year, love will arrive.

FINANCE – a very prosperous year. Everything contributes to high gains and good financial surprises. April and May are special. Celebrate the good year and pay all taxes.

WORK – There are no sudden changes in professional life. The year is balanced. You make steady progress when you become closer to your colleagues and the business group. Don’t isolate yourself.

Special THEMES in your year – Art, exhibitions, events, congresses, short courses, assertive communication, healthy eating, meditation and low-impact sports, cars.

CAREERS indicated in 2024: real estate business, influencer, content creator, digital media, technology, information technology, commerce for children and young people, leisure, events and entertainment, financial speculation, banking and insurance sector.


THE FAMILY – A lively year at home. There is harmony between relatives. The elderly in the family prosper and walk a lot. There is a tendency for major renovations to beautify the home.

HEALTH – take care of your stomach and heart

LOVE – several romances throughout the year. Singles have a lot of turmoil in the emotional sector but with little commitment. These relationships begin to appear after May 25th. Married people stay married.

FINANCES – A balanced year. There are no big gains or losses. There is better performance after May 25th. The year calls for the reorganization of finances and the payment of taxes.

WORK – There are no major changes this year. You continue in your profession and achieve balance in your daily life. Stay close to the people above you in the business hierarchy. It is important to receive this energy.

Special THEMES in your yearhealthy eating, diets, meditation, financial management, financial speculation, the power of the mind and reincarnation.

CAREERS recommended in 2024: all careers that follow a routine with established hours, clear and structured goals.


THE FAMILY – A happy year in your home. The environment is harmonious. You can change your address or do a major decorative renovation. Set aside a space to be your home office.

HEALTH – take care of your heart

LOVE – few new things in emotional life. This year, you don’t have much interest in finding someone. Your focus is on yourself. Married people stay married, without much excitement.

FINANCE – Prosperity! The year promises great financial growth. The only complicated month is December 2024. Enjoy the good year and expand your capabilities.

WORK – Professional life does not undergo external changes. If something changes, it is by your hands. Specialize in something that can make you stand out in the future. Enjoy the balance of the moment.

Special THEMES in your yeardiet, beauty and personal aesthetics, remodeling surgeries, healthy eating, spiritual healing, meditation, yoga, neurolinguistic programming and decoration.

CAREERS indicated in 2024: education, sales, marketing and online jobs, content creation, psychology, holistic therapy, speech therapy, nutrition, occupational therapy, education, travel and tourism, architecture and interior decoration.


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