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Candles & Champagne = Design Bubbles

Recycling has never been so elegant!

German Designer Katharina Baumann invented something, that didn’t exist before: handmade soy candles made from empty champagne bottles, the so called ‘Design Bubbles’!

French roots, Scandinavian design and German craftsmanship – a wonderful combination!

The former business student and fashion enthusiast launched her interior brand in 2014. Meanwhile, the start-up has sold hundreds of candles all over Europe and has become a partner of several charming champagne houses.

Champagne-Boizel-White-Candle1Clean white combined with a pearly luster – this Champagne Boizel White Candle is a must for any purist. At the moment the champagne house Boizel is building a headquarter worth seeing in the center of Champagne, in Épernay – and they are producing a simply fantastic champagne.

The Design Bubbles are the perfect accessory for any unique interior design!

Design Bubbles - OFF Paris SeineDSC_0016

OFF Paris Seine, FranceIMG_7548
Mykonos Bay Hotel, Greece

Big Plus: they are very eco-friendly as well! However, maybe you simply haven’t had the opportunity to try soy candles yet. There are at least 5 reasons, why using candles with soy wax is the better solution:


– Soy Candles are all natural since they’re made from vegetable oil (soybeans). Parraffin are made from petroleum oil. As a result, soy wax candles do not increase the CO2 level in the atmosphere like paraffin candles do. Furthermore, soy candles do not require chemicals to scent them.

– Soy candles burn at least 50% longer 

– Soy wax is also easier to remove from materials and other surfaces than paraffin wax

– Soy wax is non-toxic since they it4s made of vegetable oil and it produces negligible amounts of soot. It releases no known carcinogens into the air. Soy wax candles are much healthier for humans, pets, and the environment. 

– The scent is more pleasant and much stronger, soy candles smell very good


The Design Bubbles are also perfect as a present for unique people & interior design enthusiasts, who enjoy luxurious lifestyle products and of course, Champagne! For a GIFT IDEA click here.


The handmade home accessories are now also available in selected concept stores in Germany, Austria and France.

We also love their online Shop with a great selection of different design candles!








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