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Atelier Pendhapa x MÉTAPHORES
Milano Design Week 2024
Via Tommaso Salvini, 2, 20122 Milano

As part of Milano Design Week 2024, the private flat of Pendhapa Architects founder Antonin Hautefort was unveiled to visitors, offering a unique insight into the studio’s innovative projects in architecture, interior design and furniture.

Nestled on the first floor of the Palazzo Della Società, designed by renowned Milanese architect Pietro Portaluppi, known for his contribution to the illustrious Villa Necchi, the flat was created with the utmost care by Pendhapa Architects.
In partnership with Métaphores, a publisher of innovative and resolutely modern furnishing fabrics, a real synergy has emerged, motivated by a shared vision of interior design and the desire to transcend traditional decorative standards and elevate fabric to the status of an architectural element. Thanks to a meticulous attention to textures, contrasts and colours, a fascinating dialogue is established with the urban landscape, echoing the dynamism and graphic motifs of Milan’s architectural lexicon, imbued with a sunny ambience.

The exhibition featured unique editions, available exclusively from Invisible Collection.
An ideal moment to slip into a global architectural experience.


About Pendhapa

Pendhapa is a team of 38 architects, designers and craftspeople dedicated to the human experience to create immersive and evocative spaces that embrace the complexities of our world. With offices in London, Paris, Singapore and Jakarta, Pendhapa Architects combines a studio with an architectural practice, creating buildings, interiors and exceptional objects and furniture in a profoundly holistic way. Pendhapa Architects works to transcend conventional design norms, developing innovative forms that integrate organically and sustainably into their physical and cultural environments.

Founded in 2019 by architects Antonin Hautefort and Ignatio Tenggara, Pendhapa embodies the fusion of innovative perspectives born out of a cross-cultural exchange between the two architects. Approaching each project as a unique complexity, they lead a diverse team of experts in their fields. This collaborative effort aims to push the boundaries of conventional thinking while capturing a deep sense of place and timelessness. Their fundamental mission is to create innovative forms that integrate with ease into their environments, overcoming constraints and embracing the particular characteristics of each place.
Pendhapa Architects set up their own manufacturing workshop dedicated exclusively to the agency’s creations, working on architectural models, developing prototypes and producing one-off pieces of furniture. Their collections are currently represented in several major galleries around the world.

About Métaphores

A publisher and weaver of furnishing fabrics, Métaphores, a sister company of Hermès and part of its textile division, transforms emotions into experiences. Drawing on century-old expertise and motivated by boldness, the brand develops textile collections with strong identities, unique craftsmanship and subtle colours, offering architects and interior designers the materials to inspire dreams and creativity. Its personality is underlined by the rigorous selection of natural, noble, raw and generous fibres, and enhanced by beautiful colours and refined finishes. With discretion, Métaphores has established itself as the French signature of excellence, forging links with internationally renowned professionals and partners.

Its rich, multi-faceted world stimulates the imagination with iconic, contemporary and timeless designs that enhance both private and public interiors.

Émilie Paralitici’s desire to marry heritage with the avant-garde is the guiding principle behind her work as Creative and Image Director, and she breathes new life into Métaphores with dynamism and fluidity. Creating links with the Métaphores collections, in particular with the Le Crin and Verel de Belval lines, she stimulates eclecticism and singularity, transforming Métaphores into the promise of an unprecedented sensory experience.

About Invisible Collection

Founded in 2016 by Isabelle Dubern-Mallevays, Anna Zaoui and Lily Froehlicher, Invisible Collection is the leading online gallery for discovering beautiful design pieces created by the world’s most celebrated talents.

This state-of-the-art online platform provides access to a unique, themed inventory of bespoke and international designs, created entirely by exceptional craftsmen with unrivalled expertise. Celebrating the icons of tomorrow and the pioneers who paved the way, B-Corp certified Invisible Collection promotes sustainable luxury by encouraging local production and heritage, and adopting a made-to-order model. Since 2021, Invisible Collection has been reducing CO2 emissions linked to the transport and delivery of its orders, and supports United in Design, a charity that fights against the lack of diversity in the design industry.

In the spring of 2023, Invisible Collection launched ClubRoom, a new boutique concept focusing on design. Bringing together the worlds of style, design, vintage and curiosities, ClubRoom offers access to carefully selected pieces, including exceptional collaborations and exclusive releases, available for immediate purchase. Following its launch, Invisible Collection has since expanded its digital presence with showrooms in London, New York, Los Angeles and Paris. Bringing together more than 200 artists, decorators, architects and designers on its platform, and thanks to a team of 50 talented enthusiasts, Invisible Collection reconciles the old and the new, and creates a meeting point between the traditions of the decorative arts and the innovative possibilities of digital.


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