MYKITA Campaign 2021 Photography by Mark Borthwick


In Living Colour

Contrasting styles of imagery, ranging from stark, minimalist portraiture to vibrant, abstract images, introduce an individualistic cast of characters. These personalities are captured in a way that goes beyond appearances, accentuating and drawing us into their personal narratives: A diptych sequence reveals the beauty of a characteristic gesture; rich neon colour saturation illustrates the strength of a subject’s unique charisma. Pictures that celebrate the richness and potency of our internal life.

For the 2021 campaign, long-time collaborator Mark Borthwick photographed a group of fellow New Yorkers that stand out by virtue of their bright minds, open hearts and creative spirits. Re-lying on his authentic approach and natural aesthetic that does without real fashion or beauty styling, he captured their individual presence during the course of one day at the end of 2020. With a modus operandi that emphasises the truly personal aspect of MYKITA design, the long-time collaborator and friend of the MYKITA HAUS continues to shape the visual language of the handcrafted eyewear label from Berlin.


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