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New Paul Smith Designs

Master of colour and design, Paul Smith has returned to collaborate with The Rug Company on a collection of seven new rugs. Responsible for creating over 60 designs during The Rug Company’s 27-year history, Paul Smith once again displays his exceptional ability to translate his vibrant style into a collection of bestselling rugs. ‘Classic with a twist’ has become a phrase synonymous with Paul Smith and is a thread that continues to run throughout this new collection. From a circular prism to a spectrum runner, the designs experiment with familiar forms to create abstract motifs that inform the shape of the rugs. This collection encapsulates the evolution of a historic creative partnership while offering a new perspective on the relationship between colour and shape.

Since the 1970s, stripes have been a mainstay of Paul Smith’s designs: an ode to his adoration of colour and experimentation. Prisma plays with the Signature stripe, using a palette of both muted and deep hues that formaround a rose-pink centre and gradually expand to the border. Comprised of 22 individual colours, each shade enriches the handknotted Tibetan wool with playful pigments. Available in a rectangular and round design, the latter experiments with a circular form to capture the
effect of reverberation.

Spectra offers a sophisticated and subtle alternative to the colourful characteristic of the original stripe design. Rectangular blocks of colour use a spectrum of shades that are synonymous with the Paul Smith brand and shift across the surface in a regimented form. Each colour is handknotted in a lustrous silk thread that appears elevated against the rich density of the neutral wool base. Also available as a runner, this design complements transitional spaces, encouraging movement whilst enhancing surroundings with its contemporary take on colourful design.
Available in two colourways, Parachute combines the colourful with monochromatic and the bold with subtle into a whimsical display of colours. Handknotted with sumptuous wool, free-flowing forms float across the design, creating a refreshing wind-swept motion. Parachute Earth features rich red hues that create warm undertones throughout. In contrast, Parachute Sky sees blue and green shades form a cooler palette, brightening its surroundings.
A contemporary take on a classic design, Spray Swirl is inspired by the iconic Swirl design featured in Paul Smith’s first collection for The Rug Company. Muted jewel tones are carefully calibrated to complement and contrast with one another, forming the iconic swirling motion. Using a handknotted technique, colours are blended to soften the transition between shades and create a spray-like effect that embodies aspects of graphic design and street art.

This collection is available from The Rug Company showrooms, Paul Smith and from April 2024. In addition to the stock pieces available, each design can be tailored to suit the requirements of both residential and contract spaces. The collection can be ordered as wall-to-wall carpet and stair runner or adapted in size, shape, pile height or colour.
The Rug Company is Positive Luxury accredited and has achieved The Butterfly Mark; an international trust mark awarded to brands that have the highest standard of ESG+ performance. Each rug is meticulously handknotted from exceptional qualities of wool and silk by The Rug Company’s master craftspeople in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Paul Smith is Britain’s leading independent design company. Since launching in 1979, Paul Smith has championed positivity, curiosity, and creativity. These qualities underpin every Paul Smith item, whether it’s a shirt, a shop, or a special collaboration.

Left to right, clockwise:
Prisma, available from £3,349 (1.83 x 1.22m) or £1,500/m2, Spectra, available from £4,242 (1.83 x 1.22m) or £1,900/m2, Parachute Sky, available from from £2,121 (1.83 x 1.22m) or £950/m2, Spray Swirl, available £3,349 (1.83 x 1.22m) or £1,500/m2, Parachute Earth, available from £3,349 (1.83 x 1.22m) or £1,500/m2, Spectra Runner, available from £1,900/m2 , Prisma Round, available from £1,500/m2


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