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The Nadaman restaurant or the other side of the Shangri-La Hotel

One of the best things to write on your to-do-list when coming to Tokyo, is the Nadaman restaurant.
Maybe to discover what this city really tastes like.

Because you will surely come upon the exoticism of the largest fish market in the world at Tsukiji, but you will not be disappointed by the way Takehiko Yoshida, the chef of the Nadaman restaurant, will make you travel, suspended to the 29th floor.

main dish lobster



Before getting your table, feel free to go through the lobby lounge, which opens at 5.30 pm, to try one of their signature cocktails and enjoy the view.


Smell and Taste Tokyo, like nowhere else

Go behind the scenes of Japanese food to find excitement and surprises. As you step inside this place, you will be stunned by the city views through its windows.

Strong in character, the Japanese sacred tree welcomes you, as with open arms, ready to take you to the elegance of Tokyo.


Can’t you sea?

After reading the large selection on the menu, between fish and meat, the decision to order the “Surf and Turf menu” combined with the lobster sounded like the best choice to us.

This option will give you a variety of Japan’s specialty dishes. Each bite will remind you of a different neighborhood. Each dish will give you a unique experience.

dishes resto

The best sushi Tokyo has to offer


The little extra? You can choose between 4 different preparations and immerse in the depths of the ocean with every bite.

A dish that you will not forget – light and genuine.

Taste the “Pinot noir” while enjoying the lobster, a perfect conjugation of good taste.

wine resto

Pinot Noir


Gradually, as the dishes are coming to you, the waitress explains them. A way for you to understand a little more what this city has to offer.

All the ocean’s treasures are revealed to you as a surprise, exactly like when you discover Tokyo. You swallow the taste of Tokyo to the fullest.

Without worrying about the outside world, the staff will make you comfortable by proposing harmony between the food and drinks.

And as this fantastic travel of tastes through the Japanese cuisine comes to an end, you can say that the restaurant is just the perfect continuity of your trip to Tokyo.

dishes @shangri la hotel

Octopus served with japanese and french sides

dishes 3 resto

Fish selection on ice


You will surely taste the exoticism of the largest fish market in the world, that of Tsukiji.

Remember to book your table in one of two restaurants Shangi Tokyo . Choose between its Japanese specialties, or Piacere, run by an Italian chef.

Make sure to go through the cocktail area or Horizon Club before taking your table, open from 18.30.

The wide selection of sophisticated beverages combined with a stunning view on Tokyo electrifies your evening.

Where to go?

Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo

Marunouchi Trust Tower Main

1-8-3 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku

Tokyo Japan

+81 3-6739-7888




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