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Opening of SHA Mexico

The pioneering wellness brand opens its first establishment in the Mexican Caribbean. This event marks the start of its ambitious global expansion plan.

As a pioneering brand in the wellness sector, SHA Mexico has now opened its new facility in Mexico, marking the start of its international expansion project. This expansion, building on the success of its flagship clinic in Spain, has been developed to meet the demands of patients who place health and wellbeing at the forefront of all areas of their lives (professional and personal). The SHA Mexico clinic is located in the state of Quintana Roo, in the eastern part of the Yucatán peninsula. A second opening is planned for the United Arab Emirates in 2026.

The brand
This expansion programme has been carefully developed by the AB Living Group after deciding to evaluate various locations, their climate and environment, as well as their connectivity and access to clinical resources. With this new project, SHA continues to evolve its concept, which is revolutionising integrative medicine and wellbeing around the world. Alejandro Bataller, vice-president of AB Living, the company that operates and owns the SHA brand, says: “Our commitment has been the same since the beginning: to share our method. As we celebrate our 15th anniversary, bringing SHA to North America is a great moment for AB Living. This new opening allows more people to benefit from a state of complete physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Between the knowledge inherited over generations and the advances of modern medicine, Mexico is an ideal natural paradise for our offer. We’re delighted to finally be able to welcome our customers to Mexico and help them achieve the best version of themselves.”

The concept
Over the past 15 years, SHA has transformed the lives of over 70,000 people worldwide, including business leaders, heads of state, celebrities, athletes and many others. Our exclusive method, now available in North America, is distinguished by the continuous innovation of SHA’s teams of experts and its long-standing partnerships with prestigious universities and institutions in the field, which have earned the SHA Wellness Clinic over 100 international awards, most recently the title of “World’s Best Wellness Clinic 2023”.

Four personalised health programmes are offered to customers (similar to those already offered by SHA’s first establishment in Spain, lasting from four to 21 days). These programmes are delivered by recognised professionals and experts in four distinctive areas of health and well-being: Rebalance & Reenergize, Detox & Optimal Weight, Well-Ageing & Prevention and Leader’s Performance. Each programme is designed to meet the needs and objectives of its clients through nine key disciplines: healthy eating, ageing well and prevention, holistic medicine, cognitive stimulation, advanced preventive diagnostics, well-being and inner balance, physical performance and healthy living education, all of which have come together to form what is now known as the SHA Method.
Unique to SHA Mexico, the clinic is located off the largest coral reef in the Americas, offering clients a unique setting in which to immerse themselves in nature. A nature that reveals its own healing benefits and enables therapies inspired by pre-Hispanic cultures, such as Temazcal, which aims to heal the body and mind.

Design and activities
Located in the Mexican Caribbean, SHA Mexico puts Costa Mujeres on the international radar. Its unique, exquisitely aesthetic architecture pays homage to the human genome, rising majestically between the emerald green of the mangroves and the infinite shades of blue of the crystal-clear Caribbean Sea. Its striking, ultra-modern design is inspired by the transformative experience it offers its guests in the heart of Mayan country. Designed by the renowned Mexican architectural firm Sordo Madaleno and the prestigious interior designer Alejandro Escudero, the building harmoniously combines the interior and exterior, infusing them with a green, sustainable and contemporary atmosphere. Carefully selected natural materials such as Mexican ceramics, wicker, indigenous textiles and marble, combined with the use of renewable energy, minimise environmental impact.

Lush tropical gardens have been landscaped by Maat Handasa with the utmost respect for local species. With its own white sand beach and natural cenote, SHA Mexico is located opposite the largest coral reef in the northern hemisphere, a marine ecosystem that is home to protected species. The complex comprises 35 residences and 100 ocean-view rooms and suites, each with a private balcony offering panoramic views of the turquoise Caribbean Sea, as well as luxurious bathrooms, all equipped with rain showers. The clinic has been meticulously designed to allow each guest to move comfortably from the medical consultation rooms – all with stunning ocean or mangrove views – to the mind and body rooms, fitness studio, yoga and meditation sanctuaries, spa, and hydrotherapy circuit. The Athletic Centre, overlooking the Caribbean skyline, offers more energetic fitness programmes, led by a team of experts offering a personal approach to fitness and body movement to influence energy levels, physical strength and longevity. The fitness facilities span both indoor and outdoor training areas, including four different areas dedicated to body movement, high-tech fitness equipment with virtual reality jogging tracks, guided meditation routes, tennis courts and paddle areas, among other activities. Other facilities include a games room, cinema, exhibition space, library, meeting rooms and the Chef’s Studio, which hosts Healthy Living workshops. Guests also have the option of travelling to the property privately, by air or sea. A helipad and an out-of-sight dock are available to take you directly to your ocean-view room or suite. Finally, an infinity pool and beach club allow guests to enjoy the simple pleasures of Mexico between consultations, treatments and experiences.

The property remains true to the brand’s commitment to sustainable development, using natural building materials and renewable energy sources to minimise its environmental impact.

The gastronomic offer is based on the SHA Nutrition model, which is based on a healthy, energetic, predominantly alkaline and very balanced diet, inspired by ancient principles and adapted to modern life. This approach is both practical and appealing, featuring local, organic and seasonal produce. The establishment opens with a signature restaurant, SHAmadi, offering menus tailored to the needs of each customer and the objectives of their personalised programmes. New to its Mexican establishment, SHA will also offer a second dining option, Earthy, which will offer guests outside the establishment the innovative concept of live-fire cooking and sea-to-plate cuisine, for the first time in the brand’s history. Earthy will open its doors in March 2024.

The basic stay at the SHA Wellness Clinic Mexico costs USD 5,770 and includes the 4-day Recover and Energise programme, the SHA Nutrition Plan and accommodation in a luxury room with a view of the ocean.


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