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LORO PIANA Piazza di Siena 2024

Loro Piana strengthens its relationship with the equestrian world
and supports the 91st Concours de Saut International Officiel Piazza di Siena

The Maison has a long-standing relationship with the equestrian world. Pier Luigi and Sergio Loro Piana both had a genuine passion for horses and show jumping, a sport of ultimate grace and beauty. Sergio Loro Piana used to say that horseback riding was a school of life, teaching respect for the animal, perseverance, and discipline.

Reaffirming its commitment to elegance and excellence in sports, Loro Piana is delighted to participate in this year’s Piazza di Siena, one of Europe’s oldest equestrian competitions, as it marks its 91st edition. This important occasion strengthens the values of tradition, fair play, and a love of nature that the Maison shares with the equestrian world. The competition took place from 23rd to 26th of May. The Maison’s competitions named the Loro Piana Trophy and the Loro Piana Six-Bars took place on Saturday the 25th of May. The event was held in Rome, in the historical park of Villa Borghese in the heart of the city. This year, competing under the gold-blue banner – the sporting colours of the Maison – are athletes Edwina Tops Alexander and Lorenzo De Luca, flagships of the House’s Jumping Team.

This year, new official uniforms have been introduced for the team including a reworked version of the Spagna jacket crafted from Bristol with Graphene in navy blue paired with optical white Jodpurs pants in a new techno bonded stretch jersey for comfort. These garments were exclusively designed for Loro Piana’s riders, combining elegant style with ultimate performance thanks to innovative technical materials that allow for excellent breathability and comfort. During their leisure time at Piazza di Siena, the riders wear Icons of the House including a Horsey® jacket crafted from Linen Silk Belt Storm®, a Loro Piana Bomber crafted from Windmate® Stretch Storm or Bristol Graphene and a Traveller Jacket in Cash Storm padded with Graphene Ovatina. These garments are all Icons of the House, combining impeccable savoir-faire, high-performing functionality, and timeless elegant style.

In 1985, the Maison set up the Loro Piana Jumping Team to compete in the disciplines of show jumping and dressage, and it subsequently forged an enduring bond with the Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports and the Italian Show Jumping Team. In 1992, the Maison decided to put its consolidated technical knowledge of ultimate quality garments to the service of equestrian sports and created the official uniforms for the Italian Show Jumping Team at the Barcelona Olympics. The Horsey® jacket was therefore born, in blue technical fabric with a yellow trim. Ever since, the House has continued to dress the Italian team at the Olympic Games and other significant international events, including the European and World Equestrian Games. The Maison also sponsors the Loro Piana Puissance Event and the Loro Piana City of Rome Grand Prix at the Piazza di Siena International Horse Jumping Show. The House has been supporting this event, which attracts the world’s most talented riders, for more than 30 years.

Loro Piana celebrates excellence in sports and the joyful savoir-vivre of the equestrian world, strengthening its position as a purveyor of exquisite craftsmanship, timeless style, and incomparable refinement for the discerning connoisseur.

About the Concours de Saut International Officiel Piazza di Siena

The 91st Concours de Saut International Officiel of Rome Piazza di Siena – Master d’Inzeo, was scheduled from May 22nd to 26th, is a unique sporting event not only due to the technical level of the competitions and the location, but also because it takes place in the historic Oval of Villa Borghese in the center of Rome. The Italian Equestrian Sports Federation (FISE) and Sport e Salute Spa, in agreement with the Municipality of Rome since 2018, have introduced a sports model that involves year-round care of the Piazza di Siena area, including actions for the recovery and restoration of artistic, architectural, and sculptural assets, as well as for the maintenance of precious botanical areas such as the ‘Valle dei Platani’. Piazza di Siena represents culture, art, inclusion, and sociality. It is ‘green’, promoting biodiversity and equestrian sports, fostering the values of sport in general, and aiming to set an example for future generations.


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