THE TALE OF A LEGENDARY CRAFT: The Knights of the Round Table

Passion. Commitment. Daring. The codes of chivalry may be several thousand years old, but their virtues still inspire many contemporary minds. This is why Roger Dubuis continues its quest for excellence. More precisely, the ultimate mission of the House is to perpetually seek to challenge the rules of the game – and thus to define the future of Hyper Horlogerie.

This philosophy is taken a step further with the latest addition to the iconic Knights of the Round Table collection. Raising the bar, the timepiece is decorated with rare artistic virtuosity, exceptional craftsmanship and unbridled creativity. Imbued with the heritage of a legend, yet designed to be future-proof, this timepiece is a powerful manifesto of the present moment. A timepiece dedicated to the modern man who understands how the past breathes its strength into the present and beyond. But this story of legendary craftsmanship cannot be told to just anyone. It is a privilege reserved for a select few. To the initiated. Will you be brave enough to discover this legend? Then take a seat around the table.


The threat is real. The battle is on. In the mysterious depths of a desolate land, twelve brave knights prepare to defend their kingdom against the power of gravitational force. The ground cracks, the earth begins to crack. As danger approaches, the knights prepare to face this invisible enemy. Will they triumph?

Bringing a legend to life in the most exhilarating way possible, twelve hourly index knights cast in 18K/1000 rose gold have been shaped to appear to be in motion while maintaining their unique pose. This is a true feat of hyper-expressive craftsmanship that took a year and a half to complete. Through the intricate art of micro-sculpture, the master watchmakers have outfitted each character with medieval armour, breastplate, shield and helmet, as well as bespoke weapons ready to defeat anything that might spring from beneath their feet. This fractured battlefield required the hand assembly of each piece of a real glass puzzle. By creating details of such complexity, Roger Dubuis once again proves its excellence in the art of craftsmanship. An honour – like that of the knights – reserved for a privileged few, of all eras.

Symbolising an imaginary scene in which the knights are preparing to defend themselves against imminent danger, each warrior is set against a transparent blood-red collar made of precious Murano glass. This handcrafted treasure has also been used to shape the glossy black textured surface of the dial. A tradition dating back to the Serenissima Republic of Venice, Murano glass is particularly sought after for its fascinating modern play of light.


This new generation Knights of the Round Table timepiece blends ancient legend and futuristic lines to create a charismatic emblem of the present moment. Powered by the automatic Monobalancier calibre RD821, its new contemporary lines and finishes include a sleek case crafted in sumptuous 18-carat 750/1,000 precious rose. Like the brave knights faithful to their oath of honour, the House continues its commitment to hyper-expressive craftsmanship. For, in order to preserve the highest level of excellence, each component of this 45 mm movement has been finished by hand with extreme meticulousness and in compliance with the criteria of the Poinçon de Genève, one of the most exclusive watchmaking certifications today.

The crown and crown guard are deliberately shaped like the hilt of a sword, to give the illusion that the blade is planted in the watch, evoking the Excalibur planted in the stone that Arthur managed to pull out, a feat that earned him the title of king.

To highlight the finer details of the knights, a new transparent sapphire crystal ring under the bezel offers a clear view of their intricate facets. Today, only a handful of discerning collectors are secretly invited to come and admire all the details of this hyperexclusive show.

On the case back, the completely reworked oscillating weight features a circular finish composed of two levels of inclined pyramids intertwining to create a stained glass effect. Reminiscent of the triangular notches engraved on the edges of the bezel, this sophisticated aesthetic choice offers a hypnotic view of the movement of the oscillating weight pulsating at the heart of this mosaic. On the dial is engraved the famous oath which, according to legend, was taken by the knights who pledged to defend King Arthur: “Around this table shall sit the most valiant of knights. They shall go forth in search of adventures to right the wrongs, protect the weak and bring low the proud. Honouring this mythical commitment while wearing the codes of the modern world, the possessor can draw from a legend of the past the strength he needs in the present

For the first time in the Knights of the Round Table collection, a black calf leather strap with QRS quick-release system makes it easy to replace the strap, while completing the luxury dimension of this legendary timepiece made for the contemporary knight.


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