by ClaudiaVannini

The August sky requests wisdom for the entire Planet. Uranus and Saturn force changes in the global economy. Money changes hands. The American currency suffers a lot. The consequence is the feeling of financial stagnation. When someone loses, there is always someone winning. Asia can recover well. Europe remains in the same energy. The Arab world is growing. That’s where the money will stay for a while. In the political sphere we are experiencing the turmoil of Uranus pressing the Nodes. Various changes in government structure. This happens in many places at the same time. It’s the changing of chairs. The Full Moon on the 11th invigorates everyone’s energy. We receive good news from Science. The end of the month promises tensions. The New Moon on the 27th carries a great deal of weight. Knowing this, leave your important activities for the middle of the month. You will be more successful. Everyone is still worried about collective diseases, but the biggest concern should be with what will come in the first quarter of 2023. Oh, yes! We will have to be quick and efficient. May Scientific Research always be ahead of newspapers. Be Happy on Earth!

Let’s organize the Lunar Calendar!

02nd – Emerging Moon in Libra – propitious to take strength

05th – Waxing Moon in Scorpio – no guarantees, persist

08th – Gibbous Moon in Capricorn – propitious to persevere in a theme

11th – FULL MOON in Aquarius – peaks, maximum energy

16th – Disseminating Moon in Taurus – conducive to breaking patterns

19th – Waning Moon in Gemini – gathering, auditing, finalizations

24th – Balsamic Moon in Leo – conducive to healing, forgiveness and breakups

27th – NEW MOON in Virgo – conducive to launching business and ideas

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A good month to all! Enjoy every moment of this Planetary Adventure and Be Happy on Earth.



A prosperous month full of job opportunities. This is your time to change jobs or vocations. The New Moon, on the 27th, opens surprising doors. August calls for caution when driving and emotional control. You go through moments of big explosion of humor. Watch your moods carefully!

Libido is very high and health is very strong.

Good Days: 3,4,5,9,10,12,17,18,25,26,30


Don’t expect major career advancements. August can bring results, but the effort necessary is gigantic. Your Home calls you. You improve your energy when you are secluded in the nest. There is an ancestral cure there. Themes of the past are revisited and analyzed. This is excellent for your health, which improves a lot during the month. Love in a stable phase.

Good Days: 1,7,9,10,11,12,17,18,21,27,28


Your finances are the subject until the 12th. Try to invest your talent to earn more, speculate or save money. After the 12th, gains are smaller. The month puts you in touch with the Home. The house or family asks for your presence. Don’t forget your greatest gift: assertive communication. Love and health are still very strong. A stable month.

Good Days: 2,3,5,7,8,12,13,14,23,25,30


Your finances improve after the 12th. August expands your professional life and brings new opportunities. Stay tuned for tips given by friends. Family life requires your attention if you have kids. Increase the promotion of your talents or products in the last week of the month. Health remains strong. Love improves only after the 22nd.

Good Days: 1,5,7,8,9,10,15,16,18,19,29


August is a happy month for you. There is a chance for financial growth. You work hard and see the results after the 22nd. If you speculate, you earn much more after the 3rd. You attract others’ attention by your physical appearance. Your energy improves a lot. Physical health takes a big leap. Love also improves after the 22nd. It’s a good month.

Good Days: 1,4,5,7,15,17,18,25,26,28,29


Financial life improves a lot until the 12th. Everything happens through your supernatural effort. After the 12th money comes by intuition. If you connect less with the Earth and more with the Universes, you will understand how this “miracle” happens. Meditate and listen to your inner voice. Health is still great. Love weakens until your birthday. Be aware.

Good Days: 3,5,9,15,17,18,20,21,26,29


Two phases in your month. Until the 12th, romantic life is a theme. You seek affection from people who live far away or from fellow students. The focus is overseas. As a result, finances remain unstable. You focus on the money after the 12th. The result is slow, so save money. Health is still good. Love sucks all your energy. Watch it!

Good Days: 4,5,7,8,10,15,16,22,23,25,28


The month promises good financial opportunities. You work hard and have a chance of a new job. If you’ve been fighting for a promotion, the right time is after the 12th. There’s no interest in topics other than financial. You don’t get involved as much with family or friends. Health remains unstable and calls for rest. Love remains lukewarm.

Good Days: 4,5,7,8,13,15,16,23,25,26


Finances are slowed down, at least until the 22nd. After that, the money comes. Even with these delays, the month promises a lot of work. You can travel for work and meet new people. Put your talent to good use to guide teams with joy. Attention to romantic involvement with people at work. Love is on the rise. Stable health.

Good Days: 1,3,9,12,17,18,25,27,28,29


You need a lot of effort to accumulate money. The month brings results after the 22nd. Until then, you will have to work hard and be persevering. Relatives request your presence. You are also more homely. This could impact your bank account. You don’t conquer all month long. Unstable health and high libido. Balanced love.

Good Days: 1,2,3,4,5,15,25,26,28,29,30


You’ll break a sweat to make money. The month brings opportunities, but everything will require work and you can feel exhausted. When you find you have no more resources to fight, the results will come. Knowing this, maintain perseverance. Insist on good communication. Until the 22nd, health weakens. Seek holistic treatments. Love under renovation.

Good Days: 1,4,5,7,10,13,14,15,18,25,28


You live two distinct moments this month. Until the 20th, your strength is at Home. You can work from your home and earn money with peace of mind. Home renovations are welcome. After the 20th, you turn to the outside world. You go out in search of new relationships and expand your life’s scenario. Unstable health. Love gets no attention from you.

GOOD DAYS: 1,7,8,15,16,18,19,25,29



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