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FOREO – How to look younger without surgery?

Beauty-tech giant FOREO bridges the gap between beauty and technology and shares its knowledge on how to cheat with a facelift!

While the pandemic has made working from home almost standard, we have seen a rapid increase in plastic surgery. The 2020s and 2021s have been capital for easy procedures, however, by 2022, interest in facial surgeries is waning. This is partly due to the rise in popularity of body modification surgery, but also because beauty consumers are turning to non-invasive and painless procedures to enhance their natural beauty.
Swedish beauty-tech giant FOREO has reported rapid growth in demand for its award-winning, celebrity-favourite skin technology devices. One category in the brand’s portfolio is at the forefront of what appears to be a beauty revolution that is giving the entire beauty industry a long overdue facelift.

“Compared to plastic surgery, beauty products have always been seen as something benign, with limited potential to make visible changes to your appearance. However, the entire beauty industry is evolving and taking over with products that pack a punch and deliver dramatic results,” explains Boris Trupcevic, CEO of FOREO.

He continues: “This is not to say that FOREO’s beauty-tech can replace elaborate surgeries, although the results of using our products are clearly visible, quick and painless. While surgery can certainly lift your skin and have an obvious effect on your appearance, it will not, for example, get rid of wrinkles around the mouth or improve the quality of your skin – our BEAR, on the other hand, will do all of that, as well as tightening your facial muscles and toning your skin, without any pain.


FOREO provides superior skin care results in the comfort of your own home, which means that with daily use, a monthly visit to the salon is no longer necessary or expensive. Taking all of this into account, BEAR will save you between $31,000 and $63,000, depending on local markets (depending on where you receive your monthly microcurrent treatment, with New York, Los Angeles and Miami being the most popular with higher prices depending on local markets) over ten years if you replace your costly monthly microcurrent facials with this smart device, this substantial savings could allow you to buy a home. It also reduces the amount of time spent in the salon (plus travel time) each month to 3 minutes per day, allowing you to have beautiful, toned skin in the comfort of your own home and at a reduced cost.

Microcurrent technology treats large areas of skin with advanced microcurrent intensities, while FOREO’s signature T-Sonic pulses channel a low-frequency massage deep into the skin to stimulate blood flow and restore skin firmness and elasticity while reducing visible signs of aging. Microcurrent technology increases the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which cells use as an energy source and is essential for cellular functions such as the formation of collagen and elastin, which are responsible for the firmness and suppleness of connective tissue. BEAR provides a rapid lifting effect as the advanced microcurrent mirrors your body’s natural electrical currents to help tone facial muscles, tighten skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, giving you a youthful glow.

Microcurrent has been around for a couple of hundred years, but its application to beauty is fairly recent, dating back to 1980. As with many of the technologies we use today, the spread of microcurrent into the beauty industry happened accidentally when Carlos Matteucci, an Italian physicist, neurophysiologist and pioneer of bioelectricity, discovered that our bodies release energy when they are injured. Because of its ability to heal the body at a rate of 250% to 350% faster, microcurrent has become an effective treatment for healing and regenerating wounds as well as soft tissue and bone fractures. Later, the same technology was used to treat Bell’s palsy when its potential application in the beauty field became evident.

“BEAR is our most impressive anti-ageing invention to date. Although microcurrent technology is not new, its use is truly revolutionary. What makes our device unmatched by its competitors is FOREO’s Anti-Shock SystemTM, a unique built-in technology that automatically adjusts the intensity of the device’s microcurrent according to your skin’s resistance to elasticity, ensuring a shock-free treatment, maximum safety and top-notch results. BEAR analyses your skin, collects data, learns and adapts to provide you with the most effective and personalised treatment possible according to your skin’s specific needs. We’re talking about AI here,” says Anika Sekhri, Product Marketing Manager at FOREO.

The popularity of beauty technologies has skyrocketed, with people turning to smart home beauty solutions in droves. According to data from FOREO’s study, 78% of people have improved their skincare routine since the containment, while 29% have purchased a new skin technology device. 47% consider the availability of treatments as well as the ability to do more treatments as the biggest benefit of beauty technology, confirming that people recognise beauty-tech as a long-term investment that actually saves them money. Once they tried the skintech devices, 59% realised how beneficial they could be, and 32% said they had never thought beauty technology could be useful and sufficient for their needs and now think these products are great.
While we don’t believe that at-home beauty-tech can completely eradicate the need for plastic surgery, we do see it growing and taking a large share of the anti-ageing market. Not only do consumers recognise the quality of the premium results that beauty-tech provides, but they also appreciate the non-invasive treatments that make them feel pampered compared to painful surgical procedures. Since plastic surgery became commonplace in the 1960s, we have been conditioned to believe that painful and expensive operations are the only way to make our skin look younger. However, the year 2022 brings a whole new perspective on beauty, which is about taking care of yourself and feeling good.

People are now choosing painless, technological beauty treatments with visible long-term results, rather than a quick surgical fix fuelled by pain and risk. The myth that plastic surgery is the only way to improve the appearance of one’s skin is thus demolished once and for all.



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