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HÄSTENS Creates its Largest Custom-Made Model For The Doolittle House


Hästens, the Swedish manufacturer of exceptional beds, announces its partnership with the Doolittle House, a private residence that embodies organic architecture, to create the largest 2000T model in its history. Over the span of nearly a year and a half, Hästens and owners Bev and Jay Doolittle, along with renowned interior designer John Vugrin, came together to create a bed that blends the natural style and sustainability of the home with Hästens’ expertise in luxury natural sleepware; creating a bed that is as natural as it is beautiful and creating an unprecedented design that celebrates nature, unity and wonder. The opportunity to embody, through the creation of a bespoke model, a unique way of bringing together architecture and craftsmanship.

“This partnership seemed natural and synergistic to us, and it also combines innovation with sustainability,” says Carl Larsson, founding partner of Hästens.

“Hästens, like the Doolittle House, shows how art can take many forms, from architecture to craftsmanship. Working hand in hand with John Vugrin, we have been able to create a timeless work of art in the form of a bed that owners can enjoy while looking out over the landscape of the Joshua Tree National Park, creating unique and lasting memories.”

The Doolittle House is the ultimate architectural masterpiece created by Kendrick Bangs Kellogg and Jouhn Vugrin. Located in the Joshua Tree National Park in California, the residence was created by architect Kellogg for artist Bev Doolittle and her husband Jay. With the participation of interior designer John Vugrin down to the last design detail, the house was completed after almost 20 years of work.

Speaking about the project, Vugrin says, “My hope is that everyone who visits the Doolittle House will be able to experience it in every detail and enjoy all the nuances that the house has to offer. It’s not just one space after another, there’s a real coherence between each room and the next is always suggested in the details of the room you are in. The pieces of furniture are unique, but they are part of an overall experience, like the notes of a score that together create a piece of music.”
Kellogg originally wanted to create an infinity pool in the open space of the house, but the owners didn’t go for it. After several conversations about it, Vugrin shared his dream of creating a common room in which a large mattress would be placed on the floor, inviting guests to lie down, relax, while having a breathtaking view of the Joshua Tree National Park from inside the house. To achieve this, it was obvious that a mattress brand that uses natural materials and has a sustainable approach was needed. So Hästens was happy to collaborate on this project by creating a huge circular bed.
“The idea of the swimming pool seemed artificial and seemed to want to finish the project in a hurry, which didn’t make sense for a project we had worked on for so many years,” says Vugrin. “The Hästens bed blends seamlessly into the design and the natural environment of this house, and allows the Doolittle House to be anchored in a unique history of sustainability and craftsmanship that continues to live on.

Hästens addresses in Paris:
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