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Located in Coimbra, Portugal’s iconic tourist city, the Hästens Sleep Spa concept hotel invites guests to experience world-class sleep. The hotel’s 15 rooms offer the chance to spend the night in one of the best beds in the world, with a selection of personalised pillows to complete the Hästens experience.

“With Hästens Sleep Spa, we have created a completely new experience. During their stay, our guests will have the opportunity to experience absolutely everything that goes into a good night’s sleep, through the exceptional Hästens beds and the unique environment in which they are presented. Our guests will be able to understand how sleep contributes to their well-being, our aim being to offer them the best sleep experience in the world,” says Tiago Quaresma, member of the board of Grupo O Valor do Tiempo, the founding group.

Hästens Sleep Spa is located right next to the Biblioteca Joanina, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Biblioteca Joanina is the hotel’s main source of inspiration, with its thousands of books and gold-plated Baroque furniture. The rooms at Hästens Sleep Spa are adorned with 1,200 hand-carved marble books engraved in gold with titles by Portuguese and international authors, the work of 18 craftsmen over a 4-month period. Hästens Sleep Spa also offers guests an exclusive guided tour of the historic library.

The fifteen rooms at Hästens Sleep Spa combine the classic charm of a unique cultural heritage with modern style and elegance, and are entirely designed around one key concept: sleep. While the bathrooms draw their inspiration from the singularity and literary richness of the Biblioteca Joanina, the rooms offer, by contrast, the serenity and tranquillity of a sanctuary dedicated to personal comfort, imagined within the exclusive Hästens Sleep Spa concept. Set in an impressive gallery, the lobby is a breathtaking space, with its magnificent hand-finishings. A new tribute to the Biblioteca Joanina, a monumental mosaic of 419,992 geometrically arranged tiles on the floor and walls extends to the ceiling, in a representation of its extraordinary shelving and ornamentation.
At the check-in phase, residents are invited to take part in Bed Talks, conversations with sleep expert Dr Edie Perry, who will give them the best advice on neck position, lumbar support and pillow choice, to guide them towards the ultimate sleep experience. 

Hästens Sleep Spa offers a real Pillow Menu in which guests are invited to choose from 5 pillows from Hästens’ cutting-edge expertise, offering different sizes, materials and levels of firmness.

“With Hästens Sleep Spa, we want to invite the world to experience how important it is to provide the best sleep for the body, using the best possible tools and conditions. Our expertise in sleep is unique and we want to offer everyone the chance to experience the uniqueness of our beds.This is what makes our hotel concept so fabulous, and we hope to welcome more and more guests in the years to come, with the hope of extending the experience to new hotels”, says Jan Ryde, Executive Chairman and owner of Hästens Group Bed Company.

The hotel will be offering breakfast and tea-times for its guests, inviting them to sample the refinements of Portuguese confectionery, like a balm for the body and mind. Lunch and dinner will not be à la carte, to encourage guests to discover the city’s historic and typical restaurants, but the team will prepare salads and other light meals for guests who wish to spend the day at the hotel. Hästens Sleep Spa also offers breathtaking views of the historic Largo da Portagem district from its rooftop, with exclusive access for guests, who will be able to admire Coimbra’s Fado and the 18th-century University of Coimbra Tower.


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